Learning Styles

Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic - People Learn Diffrently


A visual learning style is where a person learns best when they are looking at something. This will include watching videos, and looking at presentations. This particular learning style is best suited to those who like to watch YouTube videos and go on websites like Prezzie and gain information from them. If a person is aware about their learning style, the amount of information they could gain from just looking at whatever they want could be a lot compared to if this person listened to something or done something with their hands to learn. If they know what their learning style is, and if it's visual, they can use this to their advantage and use this learning style wherever they need to.


A auditory learning style is where a person will learn better when they hear people or hear something. This is particularly good for a person who is in school and the teacher task a lot in their lessons as this is where that person will learn best in this situation. They will also be able to visit sites such as YouTube where audio is played within a video and they can then listen to the person talking. If the person is aware that their learning style is specifically this one, they could also use this to their advantage and listen to videos of the such and also listen to their lecturer or teacher, by doing this they will take in lots of information that they are given and they will then store this information, it would then probably best to write this down as the brain can only hold a certain amount of information before it loses it.


A kinesthetic learning style is one where the person learns more by doing something interactive with their hands or their body. This is usually done by building something and this person will exceed in team building activities and tea activities as they will be doing something physical, this being building or fixing of course. If a person is aware that this is their choice of learning, they could use this to their advantage to take in information as they do their activities, they could also take this into a more physical environment where they will do a lot of practical activities which is where they will learn best.