South Carolina

Rice, Rice Baby

We resemble the Barbados

Most of the settlers here have migrated from Barbados and with them brought the system of slavery. Planters were looking to profit from sugar and excel in plantations just like in Barbados, but couldn't reproduce sugar instead reproduced rice.

Money, Slaves, War

I Pablo Johnson am one of the first settlers who arrived to the Carolinas. I first arrived at Charles Town. Our almighty and dear King Charles II gave us rich gentleman this colony to settle and profit our riches. I come from the Barbados and my goal is to grow my plantations and trade with Great Britain my goods. I have more than 100 slaves to my name and I will continue to buy. I am disapointed that I could not continue with my sugar plantations but I found a new product that grows perfectly good here. Rice! Here the climate is semi tropical with wonderful fertile soil which benefits me to the maximum. Here we are the ones that dominate the trade even the Indians compete to trade with us. They even fight to have access to our goods. But things got ugly once war broke out. Some traders around me cheated the Indians and enslaved their women and children. The savages attacked us and 400 of my dear friends died. Many had to abandon frontier settlements and head out back to the coast. It was not easy after the War and it grew dangerous for us.


Of the People