Bucolo’s Beachcomber News

October 16, 2017

Important dates!

October Dates

16th Last day permission slip turn in for Read In!

20th PJ Day RR $2 donation, 2:30-4:30 Read In! Must have turned in permission slip to stay.

27th Western Day RR $2 donation

31st Favorite Book Character RR $2 donation

16th – 27th Book Fair

November Dates

1st School Pictures

6th Symphony at Crown Theater

8th Veteran’s Day Recognition; Third grade performance at 10 am.

30th Workday

Important Information

*Livebinder support for additional practice outside of school. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1326906#anchor

*Please help us! Parent survey link... We ask that you please complete this parent survey link. http://eprovesurveys.advanc-ed.org/surveys/#/action/32054/7577

*Reminder to turn in permission slips for the Symphony at the Crown.

*Support your child with passages. I ask them to use the following strategy; 1. Highlight title. 2. Number paragraphs. 3. Read passage 4. Read questions 5. Reread passage 6. Answer questions 7. Highlight to prove answers

Fill My Pail

From Mrs. Bucolo:

Thank you to Mallory's family for restocking some of our needed items.

Kind remarks from the Beachcombers:

Will helped a classmate in activities.

Nikiya was a buddy to some classmates while completing stations.

RF Lists

List A

radio medicine calendar speeding danger dentist decorate daisy decide deposit dinner daughter grasshopper fable

List B

dentist shadow louder hiding Tuesday wedding feeding Thursday dancer defend birthday done grasshopper fable

List C

spider riding grade dance doctor reading ready played hand bread hidden dinner

List D

dad day glad do kid duck dog mad door ant lion

Next Week We Will...

ELA: RL.2 Reading and understanding fables

Math: MD.5 Area

Social Studies: Kid's Voting; writing and presenting speeches

Vocabulary (Key words for the EOG)

leisure - time for enjoyment

shelter - a place that provides food or protection

wise - having knowledge

prefer - like one thing over another

prepare - to make yourself ready

Supplies Needed

Tissues, plastic or rubber balls for baseball, tennis balls, paper plates, paper towels, craft sticks. We really go through pencil sharpeners. We are down to one again. If anyone is willing to donate I would appreciate it. The motors on some brands last longer than others.