Bucolo’s Beachcomber News

October 23, 2017

Important dates!

October Dates

26th, 27th Write campaign speeches & create and display posters

27th Western Day RR $2 donation

30th Work Day, no school for students

31st - Nov. 3rd Deliver speeches

31st Favorite Book Character RR $2 donation

16th – 27th Book Fair

November Dates

1st School Pictures

3rd Final Speeches to be made.

6th Symphony at Crown Theater

6th - 7th Top 9 students deliver final speeches

7th Long Hill Student Council Election Day

8th Veteran’s Day Recognition; Third grade performance at 10 a.m.

9th Early Release at 11:30 a.m.

10th Holiday; no school

30th Skate Night

Important Information

*Livebinder support for additional practice outside of school. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1326906#anchor

*Support your child with passages. I ask them to use the following strategy; 1. Highlight title. 2. Number paragraphs. 3. Read passage 4. Read questions 5. Reread passage 6. Answer questions 7. Highlight to prove answers

Fill My Pail

From Mrs. Bucolo:

Thank you to ALL that have been contributing to our plastic collection for PFHS.

Kind remarks from the Beachcombers:

We have been writing kind words to one another and adding to our Kindness Wall outside our door.

RF Lists

List A

hotel turkey beauty right taste light towel guitar potato tongue touch ticket

List B

rotten cotton tooth teeth biting talent toast tissue tonight together taken turkey

List C

tire toad team motel goat turtle butter mittens white water button table

List D

tire wire fire hire give live alive save gave grave cute mute

Next Week We Will...

ELA: RL.2 Reading and understanding fables; Key details and recounting details

Math: MD.5 and 6 Area

Social Studies: Kid's Voting; writing and presenting speeches

Vocabulary (Key words for the EOG)

worthless - no good qualities

flaw - weakness in character

fetch - go for and bring back

valuable - of great worth

ashamed - guilty due to ones actions

moral - lesson in a story or fable

Supplies Needed

Tissues, (soft) balls for baseball and tennis, paper plates and towels, craft sticks. A pencil sharpener. We are down to one again. If anyone is willing to donate I would appreciate it.