The Art & Craft of Facilitating Student Learning & Spaces

A 3 day masterclass to enable educators to explore experiential ways of learning in order to inspire and facilitate creativity and innovation in education.

DATE: Wednesday, March 18th – Friday 29th, 2015,

9:00 - 4:30pm daily



MARCH 18th - 21st : 9:00 am - 4:30 pm: ***LOCATION GOES HERE***

The Art and Craft of Facilitating Learning Spaces Masterclass will introduce, explore and train participant educators in experiential learning and teaching and the art of facilitation & curating learning processes, strategies and safe spaces for learning. You will be introduced to the unique ‘opportunity-based pedagogy’ and competency model of the Kaospilots, developed over 20 years of working with young dynamic learners & leaders exploring the potential of transformational education.

Through imaginative interpretation, “hacking” and creative application of your curriculum, new pedagogies and methods will be explored that will challenge and evolve the traditional approach to learning and content delivery. You can download the full description here

BusinessWeek has recognized The Kaospilots as one of the best design schools in the world, and Fast Company has named it in its Startup Leagues Big 10, preparing you for the fast moving startup economy.

The Course fee is a €650 per participant. The masterclass is offered as part of the Kaospilot's "education 2 education series" and costed respectively.

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Join us IF YOU ARE:

  • An educator who is progressive and ready to explore new models for designing and delivering education and learning strategies
  • An educator who is already achieving the above, but would learn from other methodologies to improve, deepen and anchor your work more in your education context and & with your colleagues
  • An educator who is engaged in designing new kinds of education at undergraduate and graduate level who needs some inspiration to introduce authentic change makers, entrepreneurs and leaders into your higher education context.
  • An educator who believes that in order to create stronger and more creative Industries in the US, we need to educate students for a leadership and change-ready mindset

A short video for a previous open master class. Hear from the participants and facilitator:

The Art & Craft of Facilitating Learning Spaces


  • About team-based pedagogy, group dynamics and team building methods to establish strong peer-to-peer and shared learning environments.
  • How to design, lead and facilitate transformational programs, learning spaces, learning experiences and strategies and how to establish the correct frames that promote “multiple pathways to learning so that all students are engaged and successful”.
  • How to run creative processes, exploring ideas and innovation using effective and fun brainstorming techniques, rapid prototyping and working with problem solving through design thinking practices.
  • About the hidden potential in practical and class-team work for the development of intra & interpersonal student skills such as personal expression and values, leadership, collaboration etc. and how to integrate them into curriculum design, daily lesson plans, and a classroom environment which promotes stretch zones, risk taking, creativity and reflection.
  • The importance of open dialogue with your students around proactive planning and learning agreements, supporting personal educational commitment.


Quotes from Participants

"What a great experience! The facilitator used smart techniques to guide us through the education design process. In particular, the 'learning spaces' concept opened up my mind. I am inspired to adopt a similar education in Albania"

Elsi Rizvanolli, Executive Director, Akademia e Pilotëve, Albania

"I am absolutely convinced that the Kaos Pilot's educational model is in the right track for the construction of both, a new society and economy, because the course not only provides the foundations for understanding a more efficient way of learning, but also encompasses a human centered approach in which values, practices and knowledge are merged. As a result, this course fosters the engagement and the sense of ownership in learning, and furthermore, creates qualified happy people".

Gabriel Hernández Martrou. Doctoral researcher in design education, Lancaster University UK.

"Not just the transfer of KAOS-passion, Simon also displays a deep understanding of education during his training sessions. He really contributed to a learning revolution that, in our cases, sparked the development of experimental modules. I recommend Simon to anyone who is looking to get started with radical changes in education. We all know is needed, Simon gives \the power to do it! No more excuses guys."

Michiel Galama, Project Leader MKB21 – Leadership, Social Media & Reputation Management at NHL Hogeschool

The course The Art & Craft of Facilitating Learning Spaces is an inspiring experience that helps the participants to think differently about teaching. Even for people with a lot of experience in coaching and facitlitation this course offers new perspectives and the unique Kaos Pilots attitude. I loved the combination of hands-on practice and elaborate theory. I am very happy to have attended this course! My students at the HTW Berlin will highly benefit from this new approach and I will enjoy trying out new things. Thanks to Simon for the wonderful hosting and thanks to the great participants.

Dr. Moritz Gekeler, HTW Berlin


Illustration of the 3 day content and corner stones of any <ED REBOOT>

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* Non ED2ED price:

This Course is a not for profit one. It is aimed at education personnel working at under & post grad levels and those interested in designing new forms of powerful public & private education. A higher cost of ˆ1000 will apply to those working within corporate training, consultancy or train the trainer companies. If you are unsure about this contact me : ????