Core Sound

Located in North Carolina

Where is Core Sound located?

"The Core Sound is a large and shallow body of water in eastern North Carolina located between the mainland of Carter County and Core Banks, part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, located west of the Atlantic Ocean and west of Bogue Sound."

Animals and Plants found at Core Sound

Oysters, Clams, Black Sea Bass, Flounder, Shrimp, Red Drum Fish, lots of birds, and many more animals are found at Core Sound in North Carolina.
There are about 200,000 acres underwater plants found like,
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Some Threats to Core Sound

  1. The complex ecosystem of North Carolina estuaries is harmed by changes to the land bordering and surrounding the estuaries and by contamination of river and ocean water.
  2. Dredging of channels to allow large boats to pass through or dock damages plants and oyster beds and stirs up sediment that clouds the estuary water, and increases sediment deposition in the estuary creating a situation where more dredging has to occur to remove the accumulation. When sediment is suspended throughout the water, fishes’ gills can become clogged, contaminants previously settled in the soil are taken in by fish, and predators have a hard time seeing their prey.
  3. Global warming is causing sea levels to rise. Rising sea levels threaten the swamp forests, which can withstand only temporary flooding. Hurricanes also cause high water levels, eroding the shoreline and flooding organisms adapted to freshwater with ocean water. Together, sea level rise and storms cause North Carolina wetlands to erode at a rate of about 800 acres per year.

Core Sound is a very important industry to North Carolina

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