Room 603 Update

February 19, 2016

Next 2 Weeks at a Glance:

What We're Studying:

  • Language Arts - Technology unit focusing on Author's Purpose
  • Math - Unit 4: Comparing Fractions and Equivalent Fractions
  • Writing - Narrative Writing
  • Science - Solar System: The Moon and Planet research
  • Other - The 7 Habits: Think Win-Win

What We're Doing:

Feb. 22-26

  • Tuesday: 100th Day Fair! (Math games)
  • Wednesday: No PE
  • Thursday: Music, Math Night of the Century 6:00-7:30pm
  • Friday: Student of the Month Flag Salute & Library
  • Saturday: Father Daughter Dance! @5pm

Feb. 29- March 4

  • Monday: Drama
  • Wednesday: PE
  • Thursday: Science Lab
  • No Flag Salute

--------Volunteer Schedule--------

--------- Announcements ----------

Report Cards and Assessments

Report cards went home today! A couple notes:

  1. After looking over the report card, please sign the envelope and send back with your child on Monday
  2. Look over the semester 1 assessments to see where your child has succeeded and may also need a little support.
  3. All district assessments (labeled in the folder) need to be sent back after being reviewed

Here is a letter explaining some questions you may have about the report card


Your child may have told you that there are no more spelling tests for a while..... and they are telling the truth!

Since moving into the new curriculum that we started last week, we are not going to be doing any spelling like normal for the next 5 weeks. We will be working on various spelling patterns in class instead.


Since we do a lot of work on our computers in class, students use headphones throughout the day. I purchased some earbuds for each child in the beginning of the year, but many of them are starting to fall apart with excessive use. If you have any extra earbuds or headphones available, please send a pair with your child to school if they need them. You can find really inexpensive ones at the Dollar Store!

Father Daughter Dance

The Father Daughter Dance is coming up soon! The dance is on Saturday, February 27th @5pm.

Field Trip to Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

Our next field trip is coming up. Third grade is heading out to the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe to study our local history.

We will be going on Tuesday, March 15, 8:55 - 12:00.

This is a pretty guided field trip, so we will only need about 3 or 4 volunteers. Fill out this form if you are interested in going. (I will also email it out separately)

--What's Been Going on in Rm 603--

Valentine Exchange

Last Thursday we exchanged valentines as a class and the kids had a blast!


After having our own Valentine exchange, we went to celebrate with our Kinder buddies also. I am so impressed with how well these 3rd graders help and care about their younger friends.

Fraction Museum

Last week students got to get creative with their math. While learning about fractions of a group, students created their own "fraction exhibits". They could choose any materials from the class to represent a fraction, then their classmates walked around to discover the various fractions represented.

Show Not Tell

We have been working on narrative writing and the kids have been coming up with some great stories. One thing we talked about is how great writers will show something happening by describing it, instead of just telling the reader.

One example the class came up with:

Instead of saying ... "He was cold." you show...

"As he opened the door, the frosty air blew over him. His teeth began to chatter and his hands started shivering as his breath came out in clouds in front of him."

This is the type of writing that will take a student's scores from a 3 to a 4!

Thank you!

- Miss Roy