Isis... The Terrorist Organization

Are they a major threat?

Fun Facts About ISIS (Not So Fun)

Isis is a vast and complicated Organization. They have multiple leaders to control them unlike Alkida. They have a main leador named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but if he gets killed they have a chain of command to take over. ISIS takes weapons from fallen enemies and uses it against anyone who is against them. When ISIS takes over more land, they raid the weapons and ammunition caches in the area that the Iraq and U.S. armies have left them. They also recruit the locals when they take over their land. They gather all of the men in a mosque, or local meeting place. Then thay take all of there electronics away. Then one of the high up members of ISIS comes in to give a speech. If they see anyone make any abrupt moves, they will kill them or beat them. ISIS "Brainwashes" their recruits to make them believe in their cause so much, that they are willing to die and be happy about it for their cause. The hard thing about fighting ISIS is that there is a steady stream of money, new recruits, and reasons to fuel their hate for everything. (But everyone who believes in their religion)