CTAE School Goals

Tips and Guidelines for Meeting the Mark

School Goals

Welcome back CTAE teachers! I hope you are eager and ready to fulfill your teaching responsibilities for Fall Semester 2013.

Last year it was determined that the school-wide goals would mirror goals established for each department. Though several of the school-wide goals are not applicable for our department, Goal #4 is one that we should strive to meet. That goal indicates the following:

  • 100% of our teachers will receive an overall rating of"mastery" in all 9 categories of their semester observation evaluation.

The strategy of administration is to provide professional development opportunities and feedback to teachers in all 9 categories as indicated in the Eduphoria Observation document. By doing so, teachers should be able to receive a rating of "mastery" in all categories observed by your Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS).

The first professional development opportunity has been scheduled and will include information on Policy: Analytics - An Introduction for GaVS Instructors and Special Education Accommodations. The session will be conducted by Dr. Joe Cozart and Sarah Newman on Thursday, August 22, at 7:30 p.m. More details can be obtained from the Teacher Bulletin Board (My Home Page).

Beginning the Week of August 12, I will conduct bi-weekly "course peaks" to make sure you are on the path for success. I will mainly look to ensure you are grading within 72 hours, posting weekly news items, and responding to discussions. Sandra Martinaitis (san.martinaitis@gavirtualschool.org) has been assigned as the QAS for our department. She will provide feedback via the Observation document in Eduphoria. It is important that you communicate with her and/or copy her via email on communications as you deem necessary.

This newsletter has been designed to provide you with a few tips and guidelines to aid you in meeting the mark for Goal #4.

CTAE Instructor Discussion Requirements

  • When you log in each school day, check the discussion forum to monitor student responses. If inappropriate communication is discovered, please address the issue immediately and copy me and your QAS on the communication you provide to the student, parent, and facilitator.
  • If the message posted by the student includes a threat or details a life threatening event, you must contact the following individuals and provide documentation of the post.

    Amanda Williamson: 404.683.8850 and awilliamson@doe.k12.ga.us

    Nikki Walker: 404.909.8855 and nwalker@doe.k12.ga.us

    Margaret Thomas: 404.985.8319 and mthomas@doe.k12.ga.us

  • Reply to at least one post (initial student response) that is submitted each school day. You may reply to several posts if you desire but make sure you reply to at least one new post daily.
  • Typically, text-based feedback is provided for discussion posts. Do not forget you can provide feedback by posting video tutorials, including links to direct students to additional resources, adding audio feedback, and inserting images.

Grading Requirement

  • Grades should be updated within 72 hours during the school week.
  • Zeros should be entered in the gradebook if assignments are not submitted by the due date. Make sure to include feedback that the student can submit the assignment late but must do so by a specified date and time.
  • If you are instructing a large group of students, consider clicking on the Assessments option in the navigation area, select the Dropbox option, click on the link for the dropbox assignment, click on the Files tab, and you will be able to view the “Submission Date” for assignments. This will assist you during those days when you do not have time to grade all assignments but need to meet the 72 hour requirement.
  • If you discover that you cannot update grades within 72 hours, make sure to inform your students and parents via email and a News Item. You should also communicate with your QAS.
  • Contact the parents of students who have a grade percentage below 70%. Post details of the communication in the student's Communication Log.
  • Grade feedback can include text-based comments, audio feedback, videos, Video Note feature in D2L, and images. For more ideas, access the Summer PLS Edmodo group and view the presentation shared by Kelly Gardner.

Stakeholder Communication

  • Make sure to reply to student, parent, and facilitator emails within 24 hours during the school week.
  • Return student, parent, and facilitator phone calls within 24 hours during the school week.
  • Copy and paste any emails of concern in the Communication Log.
  • Copy your QAS on emails of importance that are sent to students, parents, and facilitators.

Differentiated Opportunities for Students

You will be required at various times during 2013-2014 school year to provide differentiated opportunities for students. Make sure to take note of the following.

  • If you are teaching a course that is software specific, consider allowing students to complete an assignment using a web application if one is available. For example, instead of creating a PowerPoint, allow your students to use any presentation software to complete the assignment.
  • Consider using Shmoop as a differentiated opportunity for your students to earn extra points.
  • The differentiated opportunity should be made available to all students. Post a News item to share details about the opportunity.
  • For more ideas, join the Differentiation Edmodo group. The CTAE/Electives Edmodo group includes a document that reflects the various Edmodo group codes.


  • As you attend various webinars, meetings, and PLS conferences, make sure to add information from the events in your e-Portfolio.
  • If you earn awards, receive certificates, obtain teaching endorsements, or receive a degree, include details in your e-Portfolio.
  • Capture screen shots of student work, parent feedback, teaching best practices and include that information in your e-Portfolio.

More details will be shared soon regarding the requirements for your e-Portfolio requirements.

GaVS D2L Self-Paced Training Courses

Do not forget that self-paced D2L training courses are available for your use. You can access the training courses by changing your role from "Staff" to "Student" in the My Courses section.

GaVS Teacher Toolbox

Check out the GaVS Teacher Toolbox to find videos, documents, and helpful hints to assist you with new ideas for instruction. You can access the toolbox on your My Home page, right panel, below your course listings.

Contact Me

If you have questions or concerns during the semester, or have questions about the content in this newsletter, do not hesitate to communicate with me via email or at the phone number referenced below. You can also Skype me at gavs.valerie.bentley.