Miss Sumpter's Awesome Updates

3rd Grade Class

What's New??

These days are definitely flying by! Please remind students that they have started a new nine weeks, and will be receiving new grades. It is important to set goals with your children. Ex; To be on the A/B Honor Roll, A Honor Roll, or to get no D's or F's for this nine weeks. Please continue to encourage them to try their hardest and to study what we learned in class every night. As always I am loving your sweet children and all that they teach me. I continue to learn every day from them as I encourage them to become lifelong thinkers.


In reading we have started to understand Informational or Nonfiction text better. I chose this because we are working on Information pieces in writing, and it is important for students to see that reading and writing go hand in hand. Last week we talked about the features of Nonfiction text, and their purpose. We also talked about how to make sense of the new information we learn in text as well as separating it from the information we already know. This week we are going to be learning how to find the main idea of informational articles, and books. As always please make sure your children are reading at home, I always make sure they bring at least one book home from the library.


Last week in Writing we worked really hard to try and make a great Table of Contents for the Information Books that each student is creating. The students learned that their Table of Contents will create the structure for their entire book. Our topics are pretty cool they range from sharks to characters in the MineCraft game. Every student is an expert on their topic and they are excited to be teaching someone else about their topic through their books. This week we are starting to draft our books. Please encourage students to research their topics at home if they need more information


Last week we started learning background information about Multiplication. As a class we discovered that multiplication is repeated addition. The students really seem to be grasping the concept of multiplication. We are finishing up Chapter 4 this week, and will probably test sometime next week. Please be sure that you are practicing multiplication facts at home. Next Friday 11/8 will be the first Multiplication quiz. We will start with the 1's and 0's. Please remember to use the online resource for My Math to ensure that students are getting extra practice at home.


We have closed our discovery on Matter! We have done many hands on experiments to help learn and inquire about Matter and all that it has to offer. Tomorrow we will be having an open book quiz to help prepare for the Unit Test. Our Unit Test will be on Thursday, each student received a study guide. They can also use their book (Chapter 6), and Science Booklet to help prepare for the test. Next week we will be begin learning all about Sound and Motion.

SC History

We have finished up Chapter 4 of SC History. In class we are completing a project on the Slave Trade, because so many people had lots of questions about it. The creativity within this project has been amazing as well as the collaboration within the groups. Study Guides will be going home sometime this week, and the test will probably be next week. Please continue to check agendas :)


  • Please encourage your child to make nice things for their Secret Pal.
  • Tag of Honor Ceremony Third Grade: Friday 11/8 1:20 in the Mini Theater
  • Science Test on Thursday
  • Practice, Practice, Practice Multiplication Facts (you can find a lot of apps and websites to help with this)
  • First Multiplication Quiz 11/5 : 1's and 0's
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