Middle School Update

May 20, 2016

Make the Days Count: Encouragement for the Last Weeks of School

by Teach 4 the Heart

Dear Teacher,

I know you’re tired. You’re stressed. You’ve had it up to here.

Your to-do list is a mile long.

And summer is so close you can taste it.

But in the midst of all the chaos and anticipation, I want to encourage you to do one thing:

Remember why you’re here.

Don't coun the days. Make the days count.

You want to make a difference.

You want to help kids.

So pause a moment, look around, and see the child who’s scared about an upcoming test.

See the teen who made a big mistake and needs guidance to get back on the right track.

Put aside your grading, your lesson plans, and your paperwork and take a moment to do what really matters.

What Will Matter?

In a few short weeks (maybe even days) when you’re lying by the pool soaking up the sun, what will you remember?

Will you have simply gotten all your work done and washed your hands of the place?

Or will you have taken every opportunity to impact the lives of your students?

Because here’s the truth. This time, right now at the end of the year. This time can be the most valuable.

This time – right now at the end of the year – can be the most valuable.

You know these kids. You’ve invested in their lives. You’ve built relationships.

And while they may be driving you up a wall, you are likely more able to speak into their lives now than you ever were before.

I know you’re tired. And no one would blame you for putting you head down and just surviving.

But don’t you want to do more than just survive?

These kids – the ones you’ve poured your life into for the past 8 months – you may never see some of them again.

You may never get another chance to inspire them, believe in them, guide them, or counsel them.

This is your chance.

This is your moment.

So take a breath, pray for strength, and make it count.

Summer will be here. It will be here very soon.

And while we all enjoy that countdown on the wall, don’t let counting the days consume you.

Don’t just count the days.

Make the days count.

Each one.

Starting with today.

Important Dates

May 24: Senior “Chapel” during X block

May 25: MS Drama, X block, Chapel

May 26: Yearbook Signing, X Block, Gym

May 26: 1st set of comments due, 8 AM

May 27: Senior Chapel

May 27: 2nd set of comments due, 8 AM

May 29: Baccalaureate, 10:00, Paradise Hotel

May 30-2: 12:30 dismissal for all students; final exams for 8th graders, schedule

May 30: 3rd set of comments due, 8 AM

May 31: 5/6 BOB

May 31: 4th set of comments due, 8 AM

June 1: 5th Set of comments due, 8 AM

June 1: Sr. Parent Tea, 7 PM

June 2: Last Day of School

June 2: 5 PM Grades verified

June 3: Teacher Work Day

June 3: 7 PM Commencement

June 6: Teacher Work Day

June 6: Staff Farewell Dinner, evening

June 7: Last Staff Work Day; MS Staff Luncheon

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