By: Maggie Welsh, and Joan Pulli

Where Roman Gladiators Heroes or Victims?


The gladiators were both because they were forced into the gladitorial games, so they were victims. they were heros in battle because they protected Rome.

Colosseum Secrets

      • long-neglected ruins beneath the Colosseum floor

      • The walls and the floor bear numerous slots

      • ruins that were hidden beneath a wooden floor

      • nearly five centuries the arena was in use

      • Weeds grow waist-high between flagstones

Female Gladiators

  • Gladiator took the name like their primary wepon.
  • Women are known to serve specialty performers.
  • They embodied danger and excitement.
  • Successful gladiators could attain almost superstar status.
  • Gladiators represented a powerful social contridiction.

Ancient Roman Contests

  • Gladiatorial shows usually turned into a war game
  • Preserved an atmosphere of violence in time of peace
  • In the morning, the men were thrown to lions & bears
  • In the end, every fighter dies
  • Each official was forbidden to spend more on them than his colleagues
  • And upper limit was fixed at 120 gladiators per show
  • Gladiatorial contests were closely connected with funerals