LifeBridge "Fall" Kickoff 2014

...even though we know it isn't really fall!

Back to School....Back to Church!

Okay, we know, it's been summer. We all get a little lazier, a little less scheduled, a little less "on-the-go." But you know that feeling when you've eaten way too much ice cream, traveled way too many miles, and gotten out of all your "good" habits? Yeah, so do we! Time to get back into the swing of things and re-establish your relationship with Jesus - and time to check out what's new at LifeBridge!

It's Complicated

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Real Answers To Tough Questions

Over the summer, we asked you to submit your questions about God, the Bible, faith or Christianity. You guys asked some great questions, and we can't wait to begin answering them this Sunday, August 10th.