The King Of The Ocean Game

Julia Costantino


It is remarkable to note that tunas are one of the most consumed species in the world. The tuna is a magnificent species of fish in Australia's coral reef. Most people gravitate towards the tunas habitat, body structure and appearance, and there movement because it is so interesting. The tuna fish a terrific animal!


Tuna fish are magnificent fish by the coral reef. I especially love learning about their habitat, body structure and appearance, and movement. In conclusion tuna fish are amazing!

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By: Julia Costantino


Very fast

Very big

Swimming through

The ocean

Always moving

Always eating

Swimming through

The ocean

Really interesting

Really intriguing

Swimming through

The ocean

All Nomadic

All camoflage

Swimming through

The ocean

Lay 30 million eggs

Only 2 survive

Still swimming through

The ocean


In this interdisciplinary lesson “go fish” my group and I worked together to make a beautiful fish with extraordinary fish. My group decided on a little mermaid theme. Therefore, are fish tank had the little mermaid, ursula, flounder, king triton, and last but not least sebastian. Also we got a shipwreck and a castle for the fish to hide We also got the standard filter, filter cartridges, gravel, salt, thermometer, and food. When we bought all of this we spent $151.32 plus the $9.08 are totle was $160.40. My group got 5 types of fish to put in our fish tank, the yellowtail blue betta, blue female betta, strawberry dottyback, red female betta, and blue damsel. Because Of this we spent $46.90. In conclusion these are the fish, the standard stuff, and of course the decorations.


  1. ***Tuna***
  2. Whale
  3. Starfish
  4. Jellyfish
  5. Turtle
  6. Shark
  7. Coral
  8. Sea anemone
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