Civil Law

You've Been Served

The First Day

In court that day there was a complaint coming from a plaintiff that this teenagers had crashed into the plaintiff car while she was coming out of her driveway. When the teenager got taken to court he tried to denied that he didn't see the plaintiff coming out her driveway so the judge order a summon and told the teenager to come back to court on May 2 at 1:15.

The Second Day

While the teenager was on trial the judge ask if the defendant would come up tell what happen when the defendant was coming up you can see that she had a cast on her foot from the crashed and she told her side of what happened that the teenager was drunk driving. The judge had a pretrial conference during that both parties said that the teenager should be on house arrest and that he was suspend from his license.

The Second Day continuing

And as for the plaintiff she had to be off her foot until she was able to walk again. But she did feel bad for the teenager and ask for an appeal for the teenager not to be on house arrest only if the teenager agreed to help her until she was able to walk again and the teenager agreed that he would help and the verdict said that if anything go wrong the teenager would be on house arrest for 18 months.