Digital Citizenship


How to Stop Cyberbulling

When you see somebody get bullied online don't be a bystander, go tell someone you know that can handle the problem. For example a adult, famliy member, teacher, or a friend.

Personal Information

For examaple: Your favorite color or what you like to eat would be personal information.You call it personal, because if you tell somebody you might think you would get bullied.

Don't Be a Bully,Be a Buddy

Username & Passwords

Priavite Information

For example: priavite information would be your last name, where you live,your birthday date, how old you are, or where you go to school.Priavite means you dont tell ANYBODY!Maybe u could tell your family members. If you trust them. You do not want to put your full name as your username because a stranger will see it. You also don't want your password to be easy to find out. A stranger could hack you and find out your priavite information.Listened in the words above.

Stop Cyberbulling

How would you like it?