Wanted: Hydrogen!

Can be found in liquid or gas!

Where can it be found?

Hydrogen can be found in H2O. Also it can be found in liquid nitrogen. Hydrogen os our number 1 criminal in the periodic table of elements. Hydrogen is very flammable and has caused many explosions. Also, it has burned down labs. But sometimes it can do good for people. Hydrogen "hydrates" people as being a main part on H2O. It will be very easy to find hydrogen, because nearly 90% of atoms are hydrogen.

Oxygen is a known associate of hydrogen. Even though oxygen causes hydrogen to explode, it can help hydrogen produce water. The symbol for water is H2O. Hydrogen is found in any body of water on the earth.

First arresting officer.

The 1st arresting officer was Robert Boyle. Hydrogen was first arrested in the 16th century.

Hydrogen was first formally discovered in 1781 by Henry Cavendish.

Hydrigen is explosive?

Hydrogen is a very explosive/ flammable gas. It is at a very dangerous state when it combines with oxygen. It can either catch on fire, or it can have a very dangerous explosion.

here is a video of what might happen if you mix hydrogen and oxygen:


This video has one minor cuss word in it. If you are not comfortable with that, you may leave the room now.


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