Library Update (Dec.)

News and Notes from the Ixonia Library & Computer Lab

Kindergarten Update

Kindergarten students are continuing to work on their mouse and keyboard skills through a variety of activities on various literacy websites. Students will begin to work on their coding skills by completing activities on a website called Students will have to figure out how to maneuver an Angry Bird through a maze to capture the pig. These early programming activities will be great for the students.

Things That Make First Graders Happy

The first grade classes linked a story to their own lives. In the library, we read a story called Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things that Make me Happy. The main character in the book doesn't really know what makes her happy so she asks her friends. After hearing what they have to say, she realizes there are a lot of things that make her happy.

After reading the story, the first graders headed to the computer lab and created a picture using the Paint program of something that makes them happy. The pictures were put into a video and the students each narrated their page, sharing what makes them happy. Below are the finished videos.

What Makes Mrs. Muroni's Students Happy?

Things That Make Mrs. Muroni's Class Happy

What Makes Mrs. Timm's Class Happy?

What Makes Mrs. Timm's class happy?


Second graders finished up their Expertise Fair prior to Thanksgiving break. The students spent time over several class periods researching online and in books, finding copyright free images to use, and learning more about their topics. The results of their work were on full display in the gym for students, parents, and teachers to enjoy.

Students are also working on their problem solving and critical thinking skills through activities on At their own pace, students are completing activities that require them make the computer do a variety of actions, including draw a design. The students are enjoying the challenge and are realizing that while they may make a mistake the first time, they can accomplish their goal by learning from past experiences.


Third and fourth graders have been working on a collaborative project called the Monster Project. Each of the classes have been paired up with another class from around the country. The students are using their artistic stills to draw a monster. Then, they are writing a descriptive paragraph about their monster. The other classes are doing the same. We will be exchanging the descriptions and the students will redraw the monsters based on the written descriptions. If the students did a good job on the written part, the monsters should look similar. This is a great writing project that connects our classrooms with other students. Below are a few of the monsters.

Google Chrome, Docs, Drive, and Classroom

The 3rd and 4th graders have been using their Google accounts every time they come into the computer lab. All of the students have their own Google Apps for Education account through the school district. Using these accounts allows the students to keep their online work in one place and allows them to complete much of their work from any internet connected device. For the monster project above, students have used Google Docs to type their descriptions. Google Docs allows us to easily share the writing with others in a paperless way. Students used a photo editing app to crop their monster picture after taking a photo of it with an iPad. The writing and images are all stored in Google Drive, an online storage system. The classes are also using Google Classroom when coming into the computer lab. This allows any announcements and assignments to be shared with the students in a simple way. If your child has internet access at home, ask them to log into Google Chrome and show you some of things mentioned above.


The holiday season is here and many families are on the look out for great gifts for their children. Books make a wonderful gift, but what are some of the best books to consider? Browsing your local bookstore or shopping online are both good options. Take a look at the links below for a few "best books" lists.

Holiday Books for Kids from Common Sense Media

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Pictured below are a few holiday favorites from Mr. Lehman and Mrs. Curro.