Taliyah and Sophie

Why is it done?

An ultrasound is performed to make sure that the pregnancy is a healthy one. This is done by checking:
  • The number of babies
  • The baby's size
  • How the baby's internal organs are growing
  • The placenta
  • Whether there are problems with the uterus

The best time to have an ultrasound is between 18 and 22 weeks of the pregnancy. The doctor may want you to have another ultrasound to:

  • See the baby's position
  • Check the placenta
  • View the fluid around the baby
  • Check baby's growth and health
  • Check for signs of genetic problems

How is the test done?

First the woman lays down on the examining table. The doctor then applies clear gel over the woman's belly. The gel allows the transducer to be able to move more easily across the skin. It also helps the sound waves transmit into the body. The exam lasts about 30 minutes.