Human rights in China

The problems with human rights in China

Whats the Problem?

The Problem is that Chinas Citizens are not reciving the human rights that the people of china are supposed to have and that people around the world are having. For example, here in the united states, we have the freedom of speach. In china they dont. If a jornalist has writen something that makes china look bad or dose not make china look like king, then that person would be jailed. Right now china has the most amount of jailed journalist in the world.

Are there other ways citizens of china can be unfairly jailed that are jurnalist?

Yes, and it happened to a man named Chen Guancheng. He was doing a law suit for a woman that went to court for the human rights she was not getting. After the case he was arrested and thrown in jail for 4 years, and when he was released he was under house arrest and gaurds surrounding his house would not let anyone in. Later, he finally escaped and a good friend of his helped him escaped to america. He is now living in america with his wife but he still fears for his family back in china. (

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