Kelly's Reading Interests

and disinterests

The Eragon series

I absolutely LOVE these books. They are so detail oriented and well written. Christophor Paolini did such an amazing on these four books (and another on the way eventually). And, he was incredibly young when he started writing Eragon, fifteen!
I believe I read Eragon in fourth or maybe third grade. I read the rest of the books throughout the years up until sixth grade when the "final book" came out.

The author really needs to hire a good film producer and attempt to make some movies as amazing as the books ( if that's even possible :) )

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The Elsie Dinsmore series

This series is based around the life of a very young girl named Elsie Dinsmore. Her mother died in childbirth and her father left her with her grandfather as he traveled the world. At first he was very bitter and unfeeling toward Elsie because he blamed her for the death of his beloved wife. Throughout the first few books (there are twelve in the series) it shows her struggles as she meets and is rejected by her father and her very mean cousins. But through it all she remains strong in the Lord and perseveres. It is a very interesting series that I started to read in the summer between sixth and seventh grade (I have yet to finish it). I'm curious to see how the ending unfolds.

Bitter Melon

I read this book in 6th grade and it was certainly not a favorite of mine. Some parts were pretty extreme, for example the mom attacked her daughter for getting a low score, or something very much along those lines. Plus the author's writing style was... (again) not my favorite.

Pride and Prejudice

This book was a pretty intense read for me in seventh grade. I'd seen the movie with Keira Knightley countless times, but the book... it was pretty amazing to see all the differences. But there were many similarities as well. The book (because of all the older language) was definitely harder to comprehend and many times I had to go back and reread the pages. I enjoyed it, but again, it was hard to get past all that i didn't understand.

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Little Women

Need I say more?

This book was really, really, really, great. I loved the details and plot. It was a summer read two years ago and I definitely cried a few times. I was very sad and partially disappointed with some of the marriages and deaths that took place, but I still thought the book was pretty amazing and Louisa May Alcott is a very good author.

Books I Would Like to Read