New York

As One of the Middle Colonies and One of the 13 Colonies


It was originally founded by the Dutch and named New Amsterdam for trade and furs, and then conquered by the English and renamed New York for the trade and land with the thought of mercantilism
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New York in New York?

New York's location is very useful as it is used for trade with other countries and people who come into the New World can find jobs easily. This means that the economy increases and New York is doing just fine

What's interesting about New York?

First of all its one of the Middle Colonies, and its main religion is Protestantism but it has considerable religion freedom. Like other colonies, it is run by a governor appointed by the King of England. New York mainly trades corn, wheat, and livestock

Major Events?

In 1524, Giovianni de Verrazzano sailed into the New World and landed on New York

In 1624, the Dutch settled into the land and called it New Amsterdam

In 1664, the British conquered and named it New York

Key People of New York