Home Design Of The Future

CPT By: Thomas M

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. My home of the future is located in Tampa Bay, Florida. Tampa Bay is in the wetland biome which are wet and humid and allows many plants and animals to grow. I would create a green home by placing plants to take in CO2 and give off oxygen instead of having expensive air filters. The appropriate plants for my future home are sprouts. They give off lots of oxygen!

2. My garden would consist of many fruits and vegetables that are naturally fertilized in a greenhouse and are used to feed the family. I would plant celery, coconut trees and I would have a pineapple farm and also a citrus farm for growing oranges. I would use acidic soil for my citrus plants because that's what they like to feed off of. For pineapple plants, I would use a dry fertilizer with a 6-10 percent nitrogen.

3. The car I would drive is a Rolls Royce Phantom 102EX Electric Car. I would drive it because it is a really modern car and its a top of the line electric car. Even though I would spend lots of money on the car, I would save more gas using an electric veichle.

4. In my home, I would a garbage chute, many recycling bins and a compost bin. The garbage chute goes directly to the garbage bins which are far from your home and will not leave bad fumes. There will be a recycling bin in all the major rooms like the kitchen and living room. There will be a compost bin in the kitchen to dispose of all food peels and stuff. This will result in a cleaner home and cleaner air.

5. I would sponsor a Two-toed Sloth. A Two-toed Sloth is very endangered and I would sponsor it to help feed them and keep there existence alive.

Atoms, Elements and Compunds

1. Three chemicals that are found in a home that can be toxic are, bleach, bathroom cleaners and paint.

2. The chemical I chose is bleach. The elements in bleach are Chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide. The Bohr-Rutherford diagram for chlorine looks like the figure below.

3. Chlorine is atomic number 17 and is located in the Halogens family.

4. Chlorine is a non-metal.

Big image

The Characteristics of Electricity

1. My house will be run based on solar electric panels. The solar panels will be located on the roof where it will take in the suns rays and convert the energy into electricity. The electricity will be sent to the basement where there are multiple electric storage boxes. The boxes have wires that run through the house and provide electricity throughout the whole house. All excess electricity will be stored incase there is less solar rays in the following days. The panels are very sustainable because it is using a renewable resource and will never run out of sunlight unless the sun disappears.

2. The structure of my house would be a log house. The reason I would have a log house is because it keeps in heat and keeps cold out a lot better than a brick house. Since the house stores heat better, you won't have to use a lot of heating and you could save money and energy. The type of wood I would use for my home is Western Red Cedar for the bottom because it is very nice and is resistant to decay. It is not as strong so we use Douglas Fir as the roof and the beams. It is much stronger and it also keeps in heat.

3. I would have all energy star appliances in my home because they are rated the best in energy efficiency. I would spend more money on an energy efficient fridge, dishwasher, stove and washing machine because they are used often. Other appliances that you don't use often I wouldn't spend as much money for a top of the line appliance.

4. I would use all LED lights in my home, and when possible, I would use natural sunlight during the day. LED lights are brighter, last longer, and don't require as much energy but are usually a little bit more expensive.

The Study of the Universe

1. Two household items that were invented in space are the satellite dish and shock absorbing helmets. Satellite dishes were invented by NASA because they fixed the signals for reception. For helmets, they used a the aircraft seats as padding and found out its great for protection and used them in football helmets.

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