Privacy Settings

Set your newsletter to private or public!

Smore now has simplifed privacy settings

Each newsletter can be Private or Public.
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How do I change the privacy settings?

It's pretty simple.

Go to your newsletter (it can't be a draft), and click on the "Newsletter Settings" button on the bottom right. The "Newsletter Settings" screen will pop up.

Pick from the three green buttons on the top right of the screen to pick a privacy level. When done, click on "Save Settings".

What's Private?

This basically means your newsletter is secret. Only people with the newsletter's address can see it by typing that address into their browser. You can still share the newsletter with people, but it will not be shown or listed publicly on


  • Google will not index your newsletter.
  • It can't be in the "Featured Newsletters" page.
  • It won't show up in your profile.

Ok, what's "Public" then?

Public means that your newsletter will be listed publicly. Public newsletters should be newsletters that you have no problem being public, but that for some reason you don't want to get as many visitors as possible.

Note that:

  • Public newsletters are indexed in search engines.
  • Public newsletters can be featured.
  • They will also show up in your profile.