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November 8, 2013

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Upcoming Important Dates

November 11th – 4th Grade to Michener/Mercer Museum

November 15th – Home & School Meeting – 9:30 AM

November 18th – Report Cards Distributed

November 18th - 2nd Grade to Churchville Nature Center

November 22nd – No Kindergarten; Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 25th – No Kindergarten; Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 25th – Evening Parent Conferences

November 26th – Early Dismissal @ 11:55 AM; No Kindergarten – Parent Conferences in the PM

November 27th – No School

November 28th & 29th – Thanksgiving Recess – No School

December 2nd-6th - Secret Shoppe

Gayman Gala

Congratulations to Miss Bradbury's class and Mrs. Sinn's class for earning invitations to October's Gayman Gala. They enjoyed a delicious meal and a wonderful fine dining atmosphere. One very special student-created center piece found its way to one of the tables - a "Mr. Testani Turkey!" See pictures below.

Home & School Meeting - November 15th at 9:30 AM

Join us for coffee and great Positive Conversation at our next Gayman Home & School Meeting on November 15th at 9:30 am in the All Purpose Room.

We are excited to host Dr. Barry Ginsberg, Psychologist, speaking to us about:

Using Positive Psychology to Be the Best Parent That You Can Be.

Recent research has made it clear: positive psychology is the way to go. Learn how to implement these principles in your parenting and your life.

Younger siblings are welcome to attend (coloring pages will be provided).

Hat Day For A Cause

Students can wear their favorite hat at school on Friday, November 15th with a $1.00 minimum donation (you may donate more if you like).

All proceeds will support our Kids Care Club Holiday activities at A Woman's Place and Pine Run Nursing Home.

Fall Apparel Sale

Time is running out if you would like to order apparel from Home & School. Check out the new t-shirts, blankets, custom socks, car decals and much more by November 15th.

For complete details click here.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the Gayman Handwriting Club

Lisa Hinkel, Occupational Therapist, will be conducting a training session on Thursday, November 21st, at 12:30 for parents interested in working directly with students to help improve handwriting and small motor skills. Once trained, volunteers will be contacted directly by classroom teachers to work with one or two students for 10-15 minutes on a weekly or twice weekly basis. Materials are provided. Our parent volunteers have been an invaluable resource to both students and teachers. Please contact Suzanne Vass @ if you are interested in attending the training session. Thank you!

Winter Clubs Just Around The Corner!

We are currently in need of volunteers for several winter clubs. If you are interested in volunteering please click here.

Remember, all volunteers get "priority" club registration.


It is a fact of life that some marriages end in divorce. Luckily, most couples with children do their very best to keep the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the children uppermost in their minds. One of the best ways to do this is to work as a team when it comes to any decisions about the children, and this applies to their education. Children benefit greatly from seeing both parents committed and involved in their educational program. If possible, it is extremely beneficial if both parents can attend school conferences together. This insures that both parents are hearing the same information and benefit from hearing the answers to questions that each parent asks. This shows your child that you are putting their well-being above any differences you have with your ex-spouse. Please, if at all possible, consider attending your child’s conference together.

6th Graders Enjoy the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Sixth grade students enjoyed a wonderful day viewing works of Modern and Contemporary Art as well as some works from Antiquity at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Students debated over the age old question, "What is art"? Sixth graders viewed one of a kind works of art by Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Marcel Duchamp and many more, and shared ideas about conceptual art. What a great way to see authentic art that students have been learning about since first grade!

Counselor's Corner

What is IST?

IST stands for Instructional Support Team. Instructional Support is a program designed to maximize individual student success through a framework of teacher-parent communication, data collection/evaluation, goal setting and strategy/intervention planning. Instructional Support is a positive, success-oriented program which uses assessment and intervention techniques to help remove educational, behavioral or affective stumbling blocks for all students in the regular classroom. The process involves a team working together to identify the student’s needs, set goals, and develop an intervention plan to achieve those goals utilizing existing regular education curriculum, programs and resources. Although the members of the team may change depending on the needs of the student in question, the primary members are the principal, student support counselor, regular education teacher and, most importantly, the parents. The school psychologist, reading specialist, speech pathologist, special education teacher, school nurse, specialists or other regular education teachers may also join the team if the student’s needs warrant their participation. This team meets and works collaboratively to identify areas of need, plan intervention strategies and evaluate effectiveness within the regular education classroom. Outcomes range from identifying strategies and/or resources that will continue to be utilized within the regular education setting to support a student’s success to referring for additional evaluation to determine if higher levels of support are needed through specially-designed instruction. If you have any questions about this program, please contact your child’s teacher or the Student Support Counselor, Suzanne Vass at

November Boomerang Award

This year, Gayman will continue to accept nominations for the Boomerang Award, which is our way of honoring students who best demonstrate their own developmental assets. What are Developmental Assets? Students possessing a combination of “40 Assets” are typically most successful in school and in life. These assets have the power to influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults. For a complete listing of the 40 Developmental Assets visit: www.

November #33 Interpersonal Competence. Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills. Young person cares about and is aware of other people’s feelings.

Friday, November 8, Morning Newscast

This morning's newscast is available for viewing below. The password required to view the taped newscast is Mustang.


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