How to Ride a Horse

By Laci Rishel

How to Prepare your horse

first you will need a horse. Next you need to warm up your horse. You will need a lead rope, which will be used to make the horse run, jog or walk. You will not be hurting your horse, you will be showing him/her that you are encharge.

How to Saddle a Horse

First, you will need a saddle witch you will put on your horse. You will always put the saddle on from the left side. Next, once you have the saddle on you will need reins. Reins are what tell the horse, and how to move. You might need to have a bitt depending on your horse. once you have all that done you are ready to learn how to ride!

How to Ride!

now you are going to get on the horse. You always get on the horse from the left side. when you are on the horse you put your feet in the spurs, get a good grip on the reins. now GENTLY kick the horse with your spurs and she/he will go. If you have never rode a horse or are not very experienced with horses, I would start with a walk or slow trot. If you are experienced then you can kick her/him a LITTLE harder and kick her about three times. than you should be riding!

Once you are done!

once you are done you are ready to learn more

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Above this you will see a horse with something in it's mouth. In the mouth is a bit. A bit helps the reins by telling him/her where to go. Your horse will not always need a bit. It really depends on the type of horse. What I mean by type of horse is, some horses are used to a bit and like the bit, butt some horses hate the bit.