Gas Powered Pressure Washers

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Gas powered pressure washers are great for commercial and industrial work

Gas pressure washers are used in commercial and industrial areas to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. Pressure washing units have fast become a preferred cleaning machine for many businesses as these units clean in a way that is both eco-friendly and very efficient as well. Daimer is the leader in selling commercial grade pressure washers. Pressure washing machines use pressurized water power to effectively blast away stains and deposits from different surfaces. Higher pressure levels often result in more cleaning power. For extra cleaning power, these units are also available in hot water and steam models. The heated water coupled with the pressurized water goes a long way in removing very stubborn and hardened sedimentation. An added advantage a number of power washers have is mobility. This has proven to be a very useful feature, particularly when tackling industrial cleaning tasks. One area where gas pressure washers are often used is around industrial complexes. These areas are very different from commercial areas. For instance, industrial complexes are usually very large, and the average user will need to cover a lot of area in order to complete all their cleaning jobs. Industrial complexes also have to deal with high levels of traffic as well as tough industrial debris and deposits. At the same time, these complexes need to be kept as clean as possible at all times to ensure maximum work efficiency. It’s clear the best machines for these industrial cleaning tasks need to have more than the right pressure levels and water flow rates; they also need to have the added convenience of mobility. Mobile gas pressure washers offer a number of benefits when it comes to industrial cleaning applications. Mobile power washing units are capable of cleaning grease, graffiti, sidewalks, parking lots, buildings, and more. Mobile pressure washing machines allow the user to navigate through industrial areas in an easy manner. These machines also allow the user to clean hard-to-reach spots and maneuver through tight areas with relative ease. Give Daimer a call today so you can get the ball rolling on your new gas powered pressure washer.

If you do a lot of work our doors a gas powered pressure washer might be just what you are looking for.

One of the biggest advantages of gas powered pressure washer is they can be used outdoors. Many industrial areas consist of outdoor facilities that may not have ready access to an electricity supply. Gas hot pressure washer equipment can provide cleaning power where an electric pressure washer may not be able to reach. Like car pressure washers, mobile gas power washers allow the user to move freely while working. There is no need to worry about whether the electric cord will reach certain areas or whether there will be an electrical supply at all. Gas-powered units allow the user to complete the cleaning job at hand in a quick and easy manner. Mobile gas pressure washers and a car pressure washer both offer effective cleaning that is convenient and mobile as well. While an electric pressure washer has its own unique advantages for industrial cleaning, gas hot pressure washers offer cleaning that is mobile and efficient. These mobile units are well equipped to deal with the many rigors of industrial cleaning and gas pressure washers clear away many types of dirt and grease from hard surfaces, such as concrete, brick, tiles, stone, metal, granite, and fiber glass. One of the biggest problems when cleaning outdoor surfaces is the prevalence of mold, slime, and algae. Mold and slime stains often lead to discoloration that can detract from the welcoming appearance of your business. These stains can cause a multitude of problems such as exposure to allergens or toxins. Gas powered pressure washers are useful for complete removal of algae and molds that may appear on outdoor surfaces, such as, walls, fences, and the base of a swimming pool, tiled pavements, patios, yards, roads, or walkways. Make sure you take the time to choose the right gas powered pressure washer for you.

There are many reasons that you may need to have your own gas powered pressure washer.

There are two main reasons you might prefer gas pressure washers over high power washers powered by electricity and the first is gas pressure washers can work in the absence of an electricity connection. These machines cover huge areas of ground without stopping to plug machines into the electricity socket. The second reason would be gas pressure washers are ideal for outdoor cleaning; the fumes and engine noise they emit make them unfit for indoor use. Click here to see the number 1 seller in the world for gas powered pressure washers. Daimer Industries is not only an American made company they are superior in customer service. Commercial high power washers are more effective than home-use power washing machines. They are more durable, with better quality parts designed to enhance productivity and machine life. These machines can withstand very high temperatures and pressure levels. Many commercial water pressure washers generate heat up to 330°F and pressure levels of 3000 psi. Water pressure washers can also be tri-mode machines, offering cold water, hot water, and steam temperature options. Propane pressure washers, which can be mounted on trailers, offer the additional advantage of mobility. This is important if you are cleaning large surfaces, like roads, walkways, driveways, and building exteriors. For cleaning molds, you need gas pressure washer machines with nozzles of different sizes, starting at 0 degrees and going on to 15, 25, and 45 degrees. Look for a machine with a long hose. A 50-inch hose, for example, allows one to clean even semi-enclosed or indoor areas while the engine housing is parked outside. If you are using a long hose, make sure the machine has a fast disconnect mechanism that allows the operator to pause the process without having to walk to the engine. Make sure when buying your own gas powered pressure washer check out all that Daimer has to offer.