dōTERRA Happy Hour

Happy hour - doTERRA style

Let's get together for a ladies night! Come to hang out, relax & learn about dōTERRA essential oils, and other healthy living products, while enjoying snacks and refreshments.

Over the course of the last almost 2 years, essential oils have been changing & evolving my life! No more excessive use of over the counter meds, natural solutions always on hand, better mood, more energy, and my home always smells AMAZING!!

Here's the scoop:
Arrive: 5:30-6:00, gather for some apps and wine - made with essential oils! (Well, not the wine, but the apps will be! )
doTERRA Overview: 6-7
Try Oils/Discover what oils are best for you: 7pm-?

What are essential oils?

Essential Oils are aromatic compounds that come from plants. Essential oils help support our total body well being - physically, mentally & emotionally.

Watch the short video to see how you can become empowered with essential oils. Come to the doTERRA party to experience the oils for yourself!

What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?

dōTERRA Party!

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 5:30pm

800 North 3rd Street

Minneapolis, MN

Street Parking is available on 3rd street and 8th or 9th ave. You will likely have to feed the meter for a bit (should be under $1) meters take Credit Cards.

Entrance to the building is on corner of 3rd street and 8th Ave. Buzz me and i'll let you in. Come up to #315.

Cant wait to spend some time with you and share these amazing gifts of the Earth!!