Dinan, France

Best kept secret in the coastal region of Brittany

History of Dinan

Dinan is located in the region of Brittany, France. It is located on the River Rance and off the coast of the English Channel. The town itself is only 1.5 square miles. Dinan's population is currently about 11,000 strong. Its people have strong ties to Great Britain given the fact that the people of this region once hailed from there. In 1491 Princess Anne of the Brittany region was forced to marry the French King and Brittany officially became part of France. There are two main languages spoken here: French and Breton.

Dinan, France

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La Fête de Remparts: juillet 2016

This is a medieval celebration that takes place every even year in July over two days. People come from all around to watch the parade, jousting competitions, medieval markets and open-air dances.

Fête des Remparts - 23 & 24 juillet 2016

Les Bretons (the people of Brittany)

Dinan's economy is driven by markets and small industry, mostly food and electronics. Tourism is also important to this town. Although one can hear celtic music often drifting through the streets, it was only in the late 1980's when the ban on this music was lifted. Until recently if a child was christened with a celtic name, their french citizenship would be revoked. In fact, many of the people here are naturally red haired and freckled.

La Mère Pourcel

I was impressed by the number of good reviews that this restaurant got. I also loved all the pictures of food that I found. I am a HUGE fan of seafood and it is in many of the menu items. Food specialties in this region are galettes (crêpes) and cidre (an alcoholic apple cider).

Hotel Arvor

I chose to stay at Hotel Arvor because it was absolutely beautiful and money was no object. In saying that, the hotel was actually not that expensive (around $75 per night). I loved how several of the rooms had balconies and the lobby area was spacious a modern. The rooms were also not as small as typical european rooms.