Carlow Junior Squash

Newsletter March 2013

Organised Play

Wednesday 5pm

We will continue with our trial of supervised play at 5pm each Wed. Players just turn up and will play different players. It's a great way to play against different styles of player and at the same time improve your own game.

Carlow Junior Open 2013

Entry via the web

The CJO will run March 15-17th and we are looking forward to the event. We expect that all players in the club will support our tournament. Jim Foggit from Liverpool will arrive March 15th with 20 players and we look forward to that.
This year were are listed as part of the Gathering 2013 and have received an entry from as far away as Pakistan!
Click here to enter on line

Carlow Schools / Open Day

Carlow Schools April 26th

We will host the Carlow Schools Squash Finals on April 26th. It is hoped that most of the schools in Carlow will enter a team (3 per team) and no experience necessary. Details will be sent out to your schools shortly.

Open Day March 21st

In order to attract new players to the game we will have an Open Night on Thursday March 21st, starting at 5pm. You are encouraged to bring along a friend or two and show them the club and perhaps they might like to take up squash as a sport. Remember the more players we have the vibrant the club becomes.

Results LJO and Closed

Leinster Closed

A small number of players took part in the Leinster Closed. Here are the finishing positions.
Casey Luther 2nd G15
Shiela O'Keefe 3rd
Niamh O'Keefe 2nd G19
Jack Doyle 8th B15
Joe Jennings 9th
Ryan Luther 3rd B17
Cian Doyle 5th

Saturday League

Sat league in or out?

Looking at starting Sat week March 09th. Can you email me as soon as possible if you are going to partipicate.

Squash for the 2020 Olympics

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