Edgerton Weekly #22

February 19, 2016

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Follow up from our Professional Development last Friday...


  • Here's the link to the PRESS folder that Laura shared on Friday. Please add things you think would be helpful for your colleagues. Thank you Laura for putting this together!

Running Records

  • On Friday Kendra taught us a Running Record Protocol. This would be a great protocol to use in your Academic PLCs. If you'd like support with it or help in analyzing running records you can always invite Kendra or myself to join your PLC.
  • Kendra also mentioned the importance of a reader's self correction rate. We want readers to have a 1:2 self correction rate. Below are directions on how to find a students self correction rate by using the errors and self corrections.
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Reading Text Levels

I spent some time last weekend reading about reading text levels. I know, I know, my weekends are wild and crazy! I found research citing data that suggested a strong correlation between reading at text level six before first grade and scoring advanced in third grade. That would correlate to a text level D for Fountas and Pinnell.

Take a look at the following link and reflect on your students. Are we on track for students text level growth Also, the district has used this chart as a reference when we did BAS on all students at the end of the year. It's worth knowing that these targets generally tend to under-predict MCA-III proficiency by about one reading level (e.g., the chart suggests that a Level O/P is about where kids should be around April in 3rd grade, but we found that Level P/Q was a more accurate predictor of MCA’s). In fact, a conservative estimate would be at least one level above the month-by-month levels in this chart.

Equity in All We Do-Preconceived Notions

"A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it. And that’s because we have our preconceived notions of who people are based on what we know about their past." Watch the 3 min clip, think about the role preconceived notions can play in the work we do each day with students and families.