By: Aaron Martinez

Heroic Trait: cunning

"my instincts told me the giant would come at us quickly, a savage" (SB 33). This text in the story implies that Odysseus is cunning because he is thinking of contingencies even though he is only wanting to talk with a cyclops. He shows this again when the cyclops questions where his ship rests and he responds. "...smashed my ship to pieces, wreaking her" (SB 34).

Heroic trait: bravery

"then I formed a courageous plan" ( SB 34-35 ). Although several men from him group are violently killed by the cyclops he is still resolute in his response. He knows he could kill the giant now but that it would spell certain death for his entire group so he waits.

Heroic Trait: leadership

"me and my crew take ship" ( SB 32 ). Odysseus is a leader even through peril his men continue to follow him because of his determination and spirit. When the cyclops kills several of them they don't simply attack the giant back but follow what Odysseus is planning. "they hold the sharpened olive stake" (SB 36). his men follow him.