Fulton's Steamboats!

Just keeping the lagacy going.

Offering luxurious voyages to one of 35 destinations.

Do you feel you need to move? Start a new life in a different town or state? Or just go on a fun vacation? Fulton's Steamboats can meet your needs by taking you to your destination. Our first steamboat was made in 1807! It went from New York to Albany (300 mile distance) in 32 hours. My great-great-great-grandfather Robert Fulton made the first working steamboat (called The Clermont) which I later turned into a family business.


So..You want the ride??

We may not be the fastest way to get to your destination, but it's worth it. On any of the Fulton Steamboats you get stunning views and excellent service. Steamboats leaving every first Monday of each month at 8:00A.M. Just pay before boarding!
The Steamboat - History Key Assignment - February 2014
Back in the day Steamboats were used in North Dakota as transportation on the Missouri and Red River. This is when ND started to use our rivers even more!