September 12-16

What happened this week?

We began our unit on the Three Little Pigs this week. We read one of the original versions of the story which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Many of our lessons this week have been based around this story. We talked about different type of houses and the strength of each; we gathered "straw" (pine needles) and sticks from the playground that we will use to construct The Three Little Pigs houses and will use these to act out the story; we had the kids retell the story; we measured big sticks with toilet paper rolls and tried to predict how many toilet paper rolls we'd need for the smaller one; we made blow art and huffed and puffed and blew all the paint around; we free painted pigs and talked about pigs.

We also reviewed shapes and discussed the letter "B". We practiced writing the letter B in sand, on chalkboards and on paper. We did a really cool science experiment by using baking soda and vinegar to inflate a Balloon. We also did a lot of fine motor activities that you've probably seen in the photos. Activities that help strengthen their pincer grip like kneading play dough, pushing buttons through a plastic lid, poking pipe cleaners through the holes on a colander, etc.

We also began child storytelling. This is when the kids sit one on one with one of us and tell us a story. As they're talking, we write exactly what they say. Once their story is finished, we talk to them about the characters in their story and they get to choose actors and then we act it out. It's great fun!

What's happening next week?

Next week we will continue with our Three Little Pigs unit. We'll read a different version, build our pig houses and begin acting out the stories. We'll also be learning all about the letter "C".


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Dates to remember.....

Wednesday, September 21 - Family chapel will begin promptly at 8:45. The Brown Bears will leave the class room at 8:40. Please reference St. Martin's weekly email newsletter for more details.

Monday-Wednesday, September 19-21 Hearing, Vision, and Speech Screenings

Monday, October 10 - School Closed: Columbus Day

Wednesday-Friday., Oct. 10-12 Individual Pictures