Real Aloud Project

Jared Emons

Piece 1

The Vanishing Violin

By: Michael D. Biel

Project By: Jared Emons

Piece 2

Main Characters: Leigh Ann, Marguerite

Secondary Characters: Jazz, RAF, Ben, Mrs. C, Sister Eugenie , Sergei.

Piece 3

The Setting of the book is in Manhattan New York.

Piece 4

The problem is that the violin got stolen.

Piece 5

The main events in this book was finding the clue The violinist does not live in the building located four, five, or six grand or in apartment seven A.

Piece 6

The Climax of the story was when they where walking into the scary house to find out who stole it.

Piece 7

1. There was letters given to the girls about a violin.

2. The violin that was stolen from the performer looked as the one they found.

3. There was a button left at the crime sight.

Piece 8

The person who stole the violin belonged to him at first. Read the story to find out how!!!!

Piece 9

My personal rating of the book is 4.5 out of 5 stars because it had a creative twist on the solution.