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Tech Tips! School Happenings! Random Facts! Issue #1

So this is the trial run of this newsletter. I'm looking to offer tech tips, updates on things happening around the school and some humor to lighten your day. :) Hopefully, all of us can enjoy it!

Tech Tip: Google Calendar

We all love trash. I mean, how many of you have gone through your trash on Drive or Gmail looking for something because you either mistakenly deleted it or just didn't think you would need it.

In Google Calendar, that wasn't an option for a long time.....if you deleted an event by accident or one was cancelled and then called back on just had to reenter everything. That has changed. Google is adding the trash folder to Calendar. Click on this link for a ONE MINUTE video on how to find it. (Or come see me or I'll come see you and show it to you!)

Restore Deleted Events in Google Calendar

Do you need a bit of help with Google Classroom?

Check out this training video for Google Classroom!!! If you are struggling on getting off the ground with Google Classroom, this may help!!!
A Deep Dive Into Google Classroom