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October 21, 2016

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GREAT STUFF Going on In Our Schools

Science 2 Students in action!


Virtual Lab Experiment

A World of Measurements

On Thursday, October 13th, 2016 Mr. Cerillo’s Academy class participated in a Virtual Lab experiment offered by Students-2-Science on site at David Brearley Middle High School. These Virtual Lab experiments are conducted interactively using the classroom SmartBoard technology and an attached camera/ microphone to connect the David Brearley laboratory classroom to the Students-2-Science facility in East Hanover, NJ. A chemist at the East Hanover facility led the students through the steps needed to complete the lab experiment’s procedure by interactive visual and audio demonstrations and instruction.

In this particular virtual experience, the Academy students investigated concepts relating to measurements. Through a series of investigations, the students became more familiar with different tools that are used by scientists, as well as everyday household items that are designed specifically for measuring. Students were responsible for recording data, comparing results, and reporting their observations. Some concepts discussed were scale, uncertainty, precision, and accuracy in measurements.

An added bonus to this virtual lab experience was that there were was a Merck & Co., Inc. chemist from the Rahway facility on site at David Brearley to work side by side with Mr. Cerillo’s students during the lab. The chemist took the time to introduce and explain his occupational requirements and a typical work day’s responsibilities.

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Tailes for Tales is Back!

Students begin Tails for Tales at Brearley

On October 13, 2016 Therapy Dog, Murphy and his handler, Miss Kathy Petrocelli visited with the middle school students of Mrs. Schau, Ms. Martin, and Mrs. Mueller for a "Meet and Greet" on Murphy's "First Day of School."

Murphy came to David Brearley via the organization The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs. Dr. Tabitha Bradley initiated the "Tails for Tales" program for the Kenilworth School District. The Tails for Tales Animal-Assisted Learning Program is an assisted learning activity that will take place throughout the school year. Students will be reading to Murphy and interacting with him as he will serve as inspiration for creative writing projects.

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Tails for Tales gets back up to speed again at Harding too!

Tails for Tales is a wonderful reading program at Harding Elementary school that connects many of our young readers to therapy dogs in an inspirational program which is yielding achievement gains for our students in reading.
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Russo and Padula receive recognition by the Kenilworth Board of Education for their work in Bruins that Care

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Stuff just For Faculty and Staff

Why Don't the Common-Core Standards Include Cursive Writing?

What does research say about cursive writing?

The Common Core State Standards do not include requirements for cursive writing, a decision driven, in part, by the increased use of technology for communication, says Sue Pimentel, one of the lead writers of the English-language arts standards. Experts in this blog post consider some of the research behind the debate about teaching cursive writing in schools.

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We are Passionately Pink for the Cure

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For New Science Teachers, a Chance to Explore

Educational Policy

Quality Counts 2016: State Report Cards Map

Select a state in the map or sorted list to view details and data. What do these indicators mean?

The Quality Counts 2016 report, published as the Jan. 7 issue of Education Week and online, included errors in the school finance analysis. This page has been revised to correct grades, scores, and rankings in summative results and school finance. Details are available at

Scholarship opportunity for our staff

Revised 2016-2017 School Calendar

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Curriculum documents are now up to date -

As per Lauren Bound: Just an FYI that all curriculum documents are now the most current Board approved versions in both the binders in our office as well as on the district’s web site. The curriculum can be accessed by going to either “For Parents” or “For Staff” and then clicking on “Curriculum Downloads.”

District Procedures for Requesting Professional Development

We have had a lot of PD requests lately and so we can ensure that we have a smooth process for approving workshops, please use the following guidelines when requesting to attend out-of-district professional development:

  1. All PD requests should first be discussed with your building principal for initial approval.
  2. If approved, fill out a “Request for Attendance at Conference, Convention and Workshop” form. Also complete a purchase order for payment to be processed, and provide a copy of the flyer that describes the event. All of this paperwork should be submitted to Tabitha or myself for second approval and to verify that there are available funds**.
  3. Dr. Tramaglini would then provide final approval for attending the workshop.
  4. If approved, all paperwork will then be forwarded to the business office for processing. Jolene will reach out to you to let you know you have been approved to attend pending Board approval.

**The deadline for turning in conference/workshop request forms is the Tuesday before each monthly Board meeting. If it is not turned in by then it will not make it on the Board agenda for approval.

Please note that any request to attend an annual conference related to your position should be included in the budget document you prepare each fall.

If you have any questions please stop by our office. Thanks! ~Lauren and Tabitha


Blogs, Articles and More

21st Century Skills



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Support our 7th Grade Class - November 2nd at Pizzeria Uno

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Brearley PTO Fundraisers

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