Green living walls

Green living walls

Green living walls

Living walls are usually designed to enhance the appearance of any building and provide a great dramatic facade. Here are some examples involving a series of famous green walls from Concerning the world. Green screen

1. Van Gough Wall - your current National Gallery -- London

The National Gallery with London's Trafalgar Square delighted tourists in 2011 which has a Van Gogh inspired green wall. 'A Wheatfield with Cypresses' was re-created with vertical planting. Excitingly, soon after your own plants grew ALONG WITH became further established, your current picture became extra visible. ones wall incorporated over 8000 plants AND was situated immediately outside your own gallery itself. The idea took sole three days to help install, ALONG WITH remained within location over the summer months.

2. Musee du Quai Branly -- Paris

Installed in 2005, this vertical garden wall covers 4 reports AND 8600 square ft involving wall, throughout fact, your complete north west wall. It\'s prominent place (on your current banks of your Seine close towards Eiffel Tower), makes the example one of a most famous (and most photographed) living walls for the world.

3. Semiahmoo Library Green Wall : Vancouver

The Semiahmoo library inside Vancouver, Canada, could be the most significant of the type throughout North America. The item covers 3000 square feet AS WELL AS consists of a lot more than 10,000 plants, including perennials, shrubs and in many cases small trees. ones design corporation aimed to encourage 'bees, butterflies IN ADDITION TO hummingbirds' towards the area. your wall feel installed this season AND continues to help flourish ALONG WITH delight.

4. Caxia Forum - Madrid

Installed on the side of any old power station, your own vertical garden wall of a Caxia Forum is four reports high AS WELL AS includes 15,000 plants. right now an modern art gallery ALONG WITH museum, ones building contrasts your green of an wall by the rusted iron on the surrounding roof, to supply the a dramatic landscape within the cultural Spanish hotspot.

5. Crystal Cruises Living Wall

Amazingly, living walls have today made it is way on to your high seas, on the form of any green wall on board an cruise ship. your wall steps 37.7 ft via 7.9 ft within its design incorporating, quite fittingly, the map of any world.

6. Hampton Court Flower Show & Chelsea Flower Show

In recent years, green walls AS WELL AS vertical gardens have end up being a good regular feature of the main horticultural shows, such as Chelsea AND Hampton Court. many show gardens feature living walls heavily. being a rule, once It offers appeared at Chelsea, It has singular a good matter connected with date earlier they birth appearing within back gardens Round the land.