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In disasters, people react to them differently. However, in natural or human caused disasters, people can act similar.

In Hurricane Katrina, safety and rescue workers helped get people out of the hurricane and to safety, despite having to be in affected area of the hurricane. Crews worked night and day trying to stop flooding in the cities. As well, citizens tried to get people out of the hurricane, even in the hardest hit areas. Other people helped by gathering food, clothes, and money to send into the affected regions. Some people even opened up their homes to those who lost theirs.. After the hurricane, many more people helped to clean and recover the affected regions. This is an example of how people reacted in a natural disaster, they helped each other out, determined to get out of the hurricane.

In 9/11, a disaster which was caused by humans, people did similar things too. Firefighters went into the Twin Towers despite the risks to go and get the people out in the building. However, after the event, people did not only recover and clean the area, but they also built a memorial to commemorate the people who died and a reminder of the event.

More information about 9/11 can be found here and information about hurricane Katrina can be found here.


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. He is mostly known for being a genius, but as a young child he didn't seem like one. He wasn't able to speak until age 4 and wasn't able to read until age seven. At school he felt alienated by his peers and teachers, which made him falter a bit in socializing, but not in academics. In 1889 Einstein's family invited in a poor medical student that taught Einstein mathematics and philosophy. He soon dropped out of school of age 15 and had no employment skills. Soon, he found a school to attend, the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. In 1896, he graduated at age 17. After graduating, his professors who disliked him wrote a letter at Einstein that led him to being turned down to every academic position. In 1902 Einstein had no job and especially needed one, with his father's business being bankrupt, and decided to be a tutor to children as a job. He then found a job as a clerk in the Swiss Patent office. It was in 1905 when he thought up the famous equation of E=mc2. However, his equation was ignored by the physics community until a physicist named Max Planck noticed his theory and confirmed it to be true.

Despite being alienated, Einstein was determined to not let the negative things let him down and continue with his theories, which made him into most well known genius of all time.


KFC is mostly known for their famous fried chicken and also their logo with Colonel Sanders. Most people don't know anything about the owner of KFC, other then he was the owner of the restaurant. Before KFC came out, Colonel Sanders had a rough life. At age six, his father died, leaving only his mother to work and support the family, which meant he had to take care and feed his younger siblings (which kinda connects him owning a restaurant). However, his family needed money and he was the oldest child of his brother and sister, meaning he had to go out and make money.

Colonel Sanders first began to work at age 10, and worked as a farmer. He then dropped out of seventh grade and took on jobs like a streetcar conductor, railroad fireman, and insurance salesman. Although he had many jobs, none of them lasted very long. To solve this problem, he came up with his famous secret fried chicken recipe and eventually opened up KFC, which was a success.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney's company is known to have imagination and great ideas. But at the start, Walt Disney wasn't known for that and was even described as having a lack of imagination and no good ideas, but he never yielded.

At age 16, his family needed money, so he dropped out of school to find a job and make some. He wasn't very fortunate though, he struggled to find a job because he had improper schooling and didn't finish school. But he didn't give up and found one, or numerous ones (since all the jobs he had weren't the moment).

His first job was a ambulance driver, but however he got fired shortly after. One of his first jobs was a newspaper artist, creating comics for amusement. However, he later got fired for having a lack of imagination and bad ideas. He again found another job for being a newspaper artist, before discovering that one of his co workers had stolen his character, Olswrd the Rabbit. He then made another charcater, Mickey Mouse, before starting his business, Walt Disney.


Bill Gates is the owner of one of the most well known companies, Microsoft. As well, he is one of the richest people in the world, but you'll probably be surprised with his failures and how he always kept going. A lot of people portray Bill Gates as a smart person, but when he actually dropped out of Harvard. After he dropped out, he started a company with Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, called Traf-O-Data. The company wasn't a success, however it was essential to Bill Gates in the making of the software company, Microsoft. Bill Gates had resilience, and Traf-O-Data was later abandoned went ahead to create his famous company, which later became a success.

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