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Hello Room 103 Families,

We had a fun visit from Edventure More on Monday. The teacher did an "Animals and Inventors" lesson. She talked a bit about how many common items are inspired by nature and of course how our favorite superheroes get their super powers from real life animals. After the discussion, the kids sketched out their own idea, using nature as an influence. Once their prototypes were complete they got to building; using all sorts of materials (tape, paper, cardboard, puffballs, lanyard, yarn, etc.) They could of kept going all afternoon, but eventually we wrapped up the project and came together to share our inventions. Check out the pictures below!

We have a few weeks before our next official writing genre starts (the persuasive unit). So we've decided to create some "All About" books. They are similar to the "How To" stories in that you need to be an expert on your topic. An "All About" book includes a diagram, a list, a narrative story, and a "how to" piece. For example, my book is called "All About Being a Teacher," my diagram is of the classroom, I made a list of things teachers use, my narrative story is about the first day I started teaching, and my "How To" piece is titled "How To Write a Morning Message." There are a lot of components to these books, but we work through them one section at a time and the kids are so proud of themselves at the end.

I've gotten a couple pledge sheets back for the Kindergarten Math-A-Thon. The entire grade will be participating in the Math-A-Thon (which will be a series of addition and subtration problems) this Thursday - 3/17. It would be great if you could gets those pledge sheets back to me this Thursday so that I can return them to you with your childs Math-A-Thon problem sheet. I know it's a fast turn around, so just let me know if you need more time. This is all for fun and to raise money for a Kerman Floyd Elementary, so there's no pressure on the kids.

** Here's a website that has instructions and an explanation of our paper flower experiment last week.

See you all soon,

Miss Siobhan


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Things for your Calendar

Thursday 3/17 - PTA meeting at 6:30 in the cafeteria

Friday 3/18 - Return book bags, and communication folders

Friday 3/18 - Tea Time for Brooklyn, Zachary, Zach, Madaline, Ally, Angelo, and Isabelle at 12:45

Friday 3/18 - Math and Science Night (6:30 PM)

Monday 3/21 - Monday Morning Reading

Wednesday 3/22 - Return Math-A-Thon pledges

3/28-4/1 - No School