The Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial Revolution many people had job issues.

Daily News

Many workers made jobs through their own homes by weaving and preparing cloths for clothing. There became a lot of issues because many of the workers started to get less and less customers because The Industrial Revolution was a time of new machinery. This meant that there were a lot of manufacturing and productions that rapidly engaged in the clothing business. Although workers were getting put off from their work from home, they came to work for the manufacturing factories so that they could care for and support their families. The Industrial Revolution was a fast growing business that sweeped the nation by storm!

Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater succeeded in the machinery business by memorizing the British textile machinery prints and presented the new machine to the United States. Mr. Slater was known as "Slater the Traitor," in the United Kingdom. He was exiled for his betrayal to the U.K. However, he was congratulated and promoted by the United States. The U.S. was glad that Slater shared his knowledge of manufacturing. Hence he got the name "Father of the American Factory System."