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The true story of tell tale heart story

The begining-summary

This story takes us to a mad mans thoughts. who this mad man is i dont know, but i know he is the keeper for an elderly man. Like many people he had a fear it was the old mans eye! The old mans eye was blue for he was blind in that eye. The keeper thought he was being haunted by demons, and to stop them he had to kill the old man. So for seven days and six nights he watched the old man very closely for a chance to strike. On the seventh night his chance came for on every night before he would slowly open the door and peer in and watch. On this night he had made a mistake and the old man awoke and asked who is there for what seemed like an hour none of them talked until the old man fell asleep. The keeper then peered in and saw a sight he will remeber forever the eye was open so he leaped on the old man and killed him. Then he chopped him up and hid him under the floor boards. Then the cops arrived and asked him if anything was wrong he answered no. The police insisted they come in and so the mad man said ok they asked many questions but soon the man grew worried why had they not left soon he could not control it he threw his chair and tour open the floor boards until the old mans body was discovered.

WHAT I THINK?????????????


I dislike that the story is in riddles and you cant understand it only some parts." I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever ". This shows that the keeper is a lunatic. I can connect this piece to crazy people in a luny bin who speak in riddle but makes clear sense afetr you know what they speak of.


The plot was simple the man thought he needed the old man dead for the eye to stop haunting him. And through the story he wanted to kill the old man that was the only way for this conflict to end for this man or lunatic. so he watched him closely and finally did but his fear did not die as expected. After the killing he still felt worried that is why he showed the cops what he had done. And if you realize its the lunatic telling the story and while he does he keeps asking do you think im crazy yet. This is how you know that the eye was not his problem it was himself.


We have 2 main characters in this story the keeper and the old man. The old man had a blue eye and was a man of quietness. The keeper his a lunatic who has a fear of the old mans dead eye. If the old man never had a blue eye the keeper would have never solved the conflict by killing him. So they needed these charateristics in order to solve the conflict the way it was solved killing old man.


Its theme is mostly dark luntic's mind. The whole theme is based on the mans thoughts as he tells the story about what happened to him before and during the whole killing of the old man. If the man would have not been a lunatic there would never be story to be told about this luny of killing a old man who never did anything to this man.