My Career Choice

Chemical Engineering


Chemical engineering is a science and math based job that combine the principles of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics that involve the uses of chemicals, fuels, drugs, foods and many other products.

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For chemical engineering you need a Bachelors Degree (4 years). Taking extra engineering classes or internships during school or in the summer can help get an edge on others you are competing with. Also having experience with the Auto CAD software will put you ahead of others in your class. If going into chemical or any other engineering it would be best if your favorite classes are math and science.


Chemical engineers make an average of $77,040 starting out and just get higher from there. The salary also depends on where you live. Here in Indiana there isn't much of a high demand for chemical engineers so for me to make more than an average engineer it would be best to move somewhere like Houston, TX or Baton Rouge, LA bigger cities.

Chemical Engineering for Women

If you are a women interested in the chemical engineering field you picked the right one. The percentage of women in this engineering field has increased a lot in the past years. There are more women that are starting to take control to show that they can do it too.