PERSHING: Important Updates!

August 19, 2020

Pershing Elementary - UPDATES

Please read below for important updates regarding your child's Distance Learning:

Hello Pershing Families,

Tech Services has been working hard to help support our students and schools in San Juan Unified. Please note the important updates below:

1. Chromebooks:

If your child's Chromebook is having an issue with sound/audio, please try to plug in headphones with a microphone and test it. If it continues to persist in having trouble, or you do not have headphones with a microphone to use, please contact our school office and we will attempt to exchange the device at our school. Please call us at 916-979-8076. More Chromebooks are made available to us as we need them at our school.

2. Zoom Authentication Update/Deadline:

Next week, August 28th, SJUSD Zoom Meetings will require authentication. Authentication will help staff manage their meetings more safely and help prevent unwanted guests appearing in class meetings. It will also prevent students from making up their own names and gives the teacher more control over the settings. Please see the helpful parent-made video posted below for more information to help. I have also posted the link to the San Juan website that explains the steps. If you wait until August 28th, your child may have a problem accessing his or her Zoom meetings until it is completed. I am very sorry for this added challenge.

3. Zoom Meeting Issues:

We have had many staff and families share frustration that they are experiencing internet instability, glitching and complications while in live Zoom meetings. One strategy that may help is to turn off the student's video display in the Zoom. Some teachers have had students do this and it still proved to be difficult to hear and see one another in live time as intended. I am very sorry we are experiencing this. I have reported it and learned that this is due to Zoom being overwhelmed with participation in classrooms across our nation. It is not something SJUSD is able to improve as it is not a problem with our internet/wifi or hardware.

Providing live instruction is a daily requirement and desire, and this is a huge barrier. Teachers have spent countless hours preparing materials and lessons for both live instruction (synchronous) and other work through Google Classroom or SeeSaw (asynchronous) instruction. They want this to be effective and to be able to see and hear if students are understanding, making connections and/or lost and needing further explanation.

Please, if challenges like this are occurring during your child's Zoom meetings, remind your student that he or she can do the asynchronous work if Zoom completely crashes, if he or she is frustrated, or if you are finding it is just not working for you. Your student or family can message the teacher through Google Classroom or their school email. You can also email me or our office staff and we will relay the message. We are all having to think outside the box and brainstorm ways to make learning accessible to our students while also not causing burn out!

4. Frustrated or Confused?

When in doubt, please reach out! We are here for you. We are responding to many calls, emails and messages as quickly as we all can. We have staff who we are delegating some outreach and support to, as well (Rec Aides, instructional assistants and other staff!). Please don't sit in frustration long before reaching out to one of us or your child's teacher. This is not ideal or a full replacement for in person learning, but we are attempting to make it the best we can together. Your communication is very much a critical part and we appreciate your letting us know how things are going, or not going, for your student. Thank you for your patience, support and advocacy for our students. It takes a team and Pershing is an amazing village!


Mrs. Kendra Shelton

Principal, Pershing

Mark Your Calendars

Below are important trimester one events (more details to come soon):

  • August 26: Zoom Back to School Night

______6p.m.: TK, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades (Links will be sent by classroom teachers)

______ 7p.m.: Kinder, 4th, 5th & 6th grades (Links will be sent by classroom teachers)

  • September 7: Labor Day (No School)
  • September 14: PTO Meeting, 6p.m. - 7:30p.m. on Zoom
  • October 5: Non-Instructional Day (No School)
  • November 11: Veterans Day (No School)
  • November 16 - 20: Parent-Teacher Conferences Week

Pershing Panthers R.O.A.R.!

Pershing Panthers are:



Always Safe


Still Have Questions?

For questions specific to the district, visit San Juan's microsite ( designed to provide our community with the latest information about Fall 2020. Here you can find the latest district updates, details about the instructional options available to families, special education services during distance learning, as well as community resources available to support families.

For questions specific to Pershing, please contact our school office at 916-979-8076 or reach out to Principal Kendra Shelton or school secretary Elizabeth Danforth.