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Week of February 21, 2021

Inclement Weather (Snow) Days - Update

We have one inclement weather/snow day remaining. Once it has been used, all inclement weather days will be considered virtual learning days, which will require students to check their Google Classroom for instructions for the day.

What's happening in Sophomore English

Sophomore English students read Norse and Arthurian myths and examined them as a reflection of valued behaviors of those times. Students examined codes of behavior and chivalry. In addition to writing an essay about relating the behaviors to today, they made displays, even aging the paper in some cases.
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Math Department Students of the Month

The following students were chosen as the Westwood High School Math Students of the Month by the WHS Math Department:

Chloe Grochowski

Chloe is an extremely hard-working student. She excels in all of her math classes because of this. She often has her work done meticulously, and it is usually done even before it is officially due. She is often seen helping other students or running through extra problems to prepare for an upcoming test.

Luke Vidlund

Luke is a conscientious math student. He always takes good notes and tries every problem given to him. He is usually found discussing problems with a small group, during homework time. He does very well on tests and seems to truly understand the mathematics taught.

Pictured left to right - Mrs. Arseneau, Mrs. Balzarini, Luke Vidlund, Chloe Grochowski, Mr. Annelin, and Mrs. Taavola

US History students created timelines to showcase their knowledge of events leading to the start of WWII

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Westwood High School Athletic Schedules

Please note that schedules are subject to change.