Human Leg

Emelia Gamez


1. What are the bones in the leg?

2. Are the left and right leg the same?

3. What happens when someone loses a leg?

Left or Right?


  • When runners are running the 400 they tend to run to the left.
  • Wounded deer will always tern away left.
  • Bees circle leftwards.
  • Military guidelines say if a plane is coming from the left side it doesn't pose a threat.
  • At supermarkets the entrence is on the right and the cashier is on the left they say that when it isn't like that the customers feel stressed and buy less.
  • Circus horses enter on the right, and circle to the left.
  • Military guidelines also says that if a plan is coming to the right you should probably take cover.

What's in the leg?


What bones are in the leg?

  • pelvis
  • patella (knee cap)
  • tibia
  • fibula
  • hip joint
  • femur
  • tarsals
  • metatarsals
  • phalanges

Are the left and right leg the same?

Right- more muscular, and makes longer steps (only a difference of a few millimeters)

Dominate leg- tends to be stronger, bigger steps, and most often a bit shorter because heavy usage tends to wear it down, shorten it

Leg bones on the left are longer

What happens when someone loses a leg?

When someone loses a leg they normally get a prostatic. If the limb is healing it is time for a amputation to get a prostheses. The amputation is a last resort only . If it is unable to improve the circulation they go with that. The functionality in the limb is now lost. A prostheses can restore some of the capabilities lost. Scientist still haven't figured out a way to make functionally provided by biological limbs. Although a fake leg is obviously fake they are becoming more and more like the real leg. Some material such as advanced plastic, and carbon fiber make the leg lighter and stronger.

If you do lose a limb your life is not interlay over, you can still function well with a prosthetic or without it.

How do you know your domonite leg

First off if you are right handed you are also probably right legged too. Yo can be right legged and left handed.

Most people are right legged, Since they are they catch themselves, and kick with that leg.

It would make since that most people are right legged because if you are right handed than you are more or likely right legged and 90% of the world is right handed.