Adventures in Mrs. Tuckett's Class

Week of September 29-October 3

This Week

Snack: Mandy Peterson

Curriculum: We will be finishing up Safety week and then we will start to learn about continents. We are continuing to learn rhyming and we are working on writing 6-10. The Letters we are working on are P, Q, R, and S. This week's sight words are 'he' and 'I'.

Take Home Pickle and Peanut for the Weekend: No one yet! Let me know if you want to sign up for this weekend. It's a great experience and the kids love it. Plus you only have them for 2-3 days, not forever.

Upcoming Events: The Kiddie 500 will happen on Tuesday. It's a fun car safety training for the kids.

A sincere thank you

I just wanted to express a sincere thank you to those parents and grandparents and community volunteers who have donated time or money to help in the classroom. Here's some of the thoughtful acts of kindness that have been preformed this month:

  • A grandparent came into class and read 3 times
  • A mom came in and helped with centers
  • A volunteer from the community helped 4 days
  • A parent donated Tootsie Rolls for the Fall Festival
  • Every week a parent has brought daily snacks for the children
  • One family came weekly to clean the classroom

These and many other unrecognized acts of kindness are what make our class and our school so remarkable. Thank you.


Emily Tuckett

Last Day to Order Book Orders! September 30th

Click here to order online. I have additional Free Book coupons (with $10 purchase) if you would like one. I will send home a new book order sometime in October.

Show and Tell

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Potiential Volunteer Hours

Call, Text, Email, or send a note with your kid--I would love your help!

1. Donate small toys for alphabet tubs that begin with I, K, O, U, Q, X, Y, Z

2. Come help during Centers (1:00-2:00 Generally) (1-4 hours a week depending on frequency)

3. I will need volunteers for the Fall Festival on October 25th (See the attached Goggle Document)

Next week in Kindergarten

Curriculum: We will continue learning about continents and the different cultures and animals on each. In math we will be using comparing words to help us determine more and less. This week is Red Ribbon week. Our sight words for this week are 'see' and 'has'.

Pickle and Peanut Take Home: Open!

Snack: Unfortunately, no one is signed up for next week's snack. If you would like to volunteer email Mrs. Tuckett.

Upcoming Events: The Core Knowledge Fair will be October 31st. Kindergarten's costume theme is Traditional dress of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.

Click here for details on Core Knowledge Fair Oct 31

This is what ALA does instead of Halloween.

Funny Kindergarten Story of the Week--Smokey the Bear

"Boys and Girls! On Thursday we will get a visit by Smokey the Bear!" I announce. My excitement is met with confused looks and blank stares.

"Who's Smokey the Bear?" asks Jason.

"He's a bear who will teach you how to prevent forest fires." I reply

"Can he talk?"

"No, I don't think so. Although he might say 'Only you can prevent forest fires.'"

"If he can't talk, how is he going to teach us?" asks Jason.

"I don't know. I'll look that up."

"How did you get him to come to our school?" asks Randy.

"I called him." I say.

"But he can't talk!" said Jason.

Children's names have been changed.