Counselor's Connection

Master Calendar, Attendance Awareness, SEL, CASC Conference

School Counseling Master Calendar 2014-15

Good morning ladies! Have you created your master calendar yet? Danielle saw my calendar at our PLC and asked if I could share it, so here it is! Please make sure to scroll down to the bottom part of my google document to see details of my ongoing counseling duties & goals. Also, if you haven't had a pre-evaluation meeting with your principal yet, creating & sharing your master calendar with them would be ideal. In doing so, you'll be able to front load your principal with tasks and goals you wish to achieve throughout the upcoming school year. Furthermore, considering several principals may not have an idea what it is school counselors do, having them view your master calendar will equip them to know what your role is and what it is not. My pre-evaluation is on Wed. so timing is perfect! Have you had yours? If so, how did it go? Let me know if you need help creating/drafting your calendar. =)

Attendance Awareness Month

Here's an excellent link with resources/posters you can download to help foster our Attendance Awareness movement.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Here's an excellent link that support our efforts to create a SEL culture at our sites. I've already shared this link with Laura Evans-Lavelle to possibly include in the next issue of VUSD's Tidal Wave. It's also a link I will be sharing with MV staff when I present at our faculty meeting in October.

CASC Conference

The annual CASC conference will be coming to San Diego on Nov. 14 &15. Click on the CASC link below to register.