Part 2

Yeah, you heard me! :D


Chapter 6: Literally Diet

DJ: Yuno, do I need to be eating healthy?

Yuno: Technically, yes.

DJ: Am I healthy?

Yuno: Well, yeah. But I am not just talking about eating.

DJ: Eh?

Yuno: Staying fit, getting rest, working well in class, having good habits, influencing, and that kind of stuff.

DJ: Wow, you know a lot of stuff Yuno!

Yuno: Not really. I don't know much of the world.

DJ: Oh. So you need all of these to be healthy.

Yuno: Indeed, i'm not sure about influencing. I mean, being influenced can be a good and bad thing. Just don't be influenced with the bad things.

DJ: I won't because I love you. <3

Yuno: Aw DJ.

DJ: Hehe.

Yuno: Anyways, I have some tips to help you do well in grade 10.


  • Sometimes go outside. Technology is great, but it is also great to go outside.
  • Even if you don't lose weight, that's okay. Every body is great.
  • Sleeping is definitely essential. Don't we all love sleeping. I sleep so I could mas-

DJ: Yuno!

Yuno: Wait! I was kidding!

DJ: Yuno why!? Now you are being perverted! ;_; Kyouko was right! Everyone here is perverted.

Yuno: Wait, DJ! I'll stop! I won't do it again!

DJ: It's okay! I still love you! ^u^

Yuno: Phew...anyways...

  • Doing well in class is very important. More can be referred in the Academy section.
  • Having good habits will have a great impact in life. Trust me, be the person to want to be!
  • Be influenced to the right stuff. Being influenced will create the future for the better, or perhaps the worst.

DJ: I have a question Yuno.

Yuno: Go ahead DJ.

DJ: Do I have a good diet.

Yuno: Of course! You are completely normal, and nice and happy.

DJ: Hehe, thank you Yuno.

Yuno: No problem! :)

DJ: Am I smart?

Yuno: Of course!

DJ: Okay. Its because I am little worried in one of my classes.

Yuno: Oh, let's go to the library and to the computers so that we can check your mark.

DJ: Okay.














Chapter 7: Taking another route

*When they reached at the library, they noticed that it is closed.*

DJ: Aw, how are we going to check my mark?

Yuno: No worries, we could go to the Brooklyn Library.

DJ: Oh, is it the one my friends always goes.

Yuno: Yep. Let's head out.

DJ: Okay.

*Both DJ and Yuno head out to the bus stop. They waited for 5 minutes until the bus came. They hop on and waits for their stop*

Yuno: So DJ, do you usually take the bus?

DJ: Yeah. Then I take the train so I could get to my house faster.

Yuno: That's great.

DJ: How about you?

Yuno: Same.

DJ: Wow, we have a lot in common.

Yuno: We sure do.

DJ: Do you know where we are going?

Yuno: Yep, me and your friends always go on this bus every time we go to the Brooklyn Library.

DJ: Wow, I didn't know that.

Yuno: It was last year, and we still do it today. Sometimes, we go there because Habit wanted to get a book while we roam around the library to see what interests us. Sometimes Role loves to read something that is entertaining.

DJ: That's my Role. Haha.

Yuno: Role is such a great guy, and i'm glad.

DJ: That's great. I was wondering though...

Yuno: Yes?

DJ: You guys tend to be always safe, which is a good thing. I am very happy to s-

Yuno: Actually, its not what you think.

DJ: H-Huh?

Yuno: You see. Last year, the six of us has to face so much terrible events when it comes to transportation.

DJ: What do you mean?

Yuno: Last year, Zac almost got hit by a guy before he went in the library, but he was fine. Habit almost suffocated by a sweater in the train, but he fully recovered in three weeks. Asuna almost got raped, but she luckily escaped to the train. Gokune had almost, and this close, into being poisoned for receiving candy by a stranger from a car. He was about to eat, but his sister luckily kicked him out of it. The four had some bad events, but they were okay and they knew their risks. But Role and I...

DJ: What about you two?

Yuno: Me and Role suffered much worse.

DJ: *gasp*

Yuno: I was kidnapped by a random stranger, and I was so freaked out. I had no phone, and the house inside only had one phone, and it was kept by the stranger. The fences were high for me to climb. My only saving grace is to get the phone from the stranger. It took me many tries without getting myself caught. I successfully did it at one point, but I ended up being beaten up, several times. Luckily, the stranger is at prison while I was at the hospital. I was fully recovered after several weeks. It was a nightmare, but i'm glad I got myself out of it.

DJ: That was scary. How about Role?

Yuno: Role...his was terrifying.

DJ: Yuno...tell me.

Yuno: Role was surrounded by a bunch of rebels from a gang. I don't know who they are, but it was scary. He mentioned that he had a knife. He used it to fight the gang. Luckily, he was able to take down many, but was beaten up by the rest. A few citizens stopped the fight and the gang went away. However, what became so scary is that the citizens saw Role's body, and oh my gosh, it looked like he was dead. It was presumed he was dead. He haven't heard much from him about a month. We though he was dead, but thank goodness he was recovered.

DJ: Oh my gosh, that is even more scarier.

Yuno: It is, so DJ, promise to me you won't ever encounter these events like the six of us did.

DJ: I'll try.

Yuno: Do you need to know how to be safe?

DJ: Sure.

Yuno: Okay.


  • Make sure that you are taking the right transportation. If not, then it will take a while to get back.
  • If it is your first time, know how many stops you will need before you get there, or you will mess up.
  • If you take the car, don't drive unless your 18 and have a driver's license. The cops will beat you up.
  • Riding the bike is great, don't road kill everyone or the cops will beat you up.
  • Walking is great. No, seriously, it is. Trust me. :)
  • Gliding is a great alternative to getting to school, if you want to crash.

DJ: Thanks Yuno!

Yuno: No problem! And look, we are here!

DJ: Yay!

Yuno: Okay, let's go.





Chapter 8: Passing Grades

*Yuno and DJ are at a computer in the Brooklyn Library. They go on to Home Logic and checks on DJ's grades.*

Yuno: Hey, you are doing well in all of them.

DJ: Whew.

Yuno: No need to worry, you are doing just fine. Why are so worried anyways?

DJ: Because I feel like I couldn't get the answers right.

Yuno: That happens a lot to me as well. Even if I couldn't get the right answers, as long as I put my best effort, everything will be fine.

DJ: Really?

Yuno: Yeah, but that shouldn't mean you can't get the right answers. You should get most of it right.

DJ: Ah I see. So how can you succeed in all of your classes?

Yuno: Well from what I heard from a lot of teachers, you need to pay attention in class. You also need to do hand in all of your assignments, as well as going to class on time. Don't forget to ask questions if you don't know something. Out of all, you need to do your very BEST in order to do well in your classes.

DJ: What happens if I failed any of them?

Yuno: You either need to retake it, or go for a lower class. Also, I know you are not going to fail because you are very smart.

DJ: Really?

Yuno: Really.

DJ: :)

Yuno: ^u^

DJ: ^w^

Yuno: <3

DJ: *blushes*

Yuno: Eh? Why are you blushing?

DJ: You're pretty cute.

Yuno: *slaps shoulder* DJ, don't say that here. *blushes back*

DJ: Sorry. But its cute when you make faces.

Yuno: Hehe, thanks. Anyways, it doesn't matter what path you take. You need at least 100 credits to pass, or you will have to go for another year in high school.

DJ: *gasps*

Yuno: Don't worry. Like I said, you will pass all of your classes. Trust me.

DJ: Okay. :3 How are my friends doing?

Yuno: They are doing alright. Most of them are in dash 1, even myself. Though considering about Gokune, he didn't do so well in Social Studies 20-1. He did his hardest in his class, but considering about him and his sister, it is one of the reasons he failed 20-1 Social.

DJ: So Gokune failed because of his relationship with sister?

Yuno: Not only that, but it was hard for him to pay attention because he kept getting distracted aside fromhis sister. So because both of them failed, they has to retake it, but in a lower class.

DJ: Which one?

Yuno: 20-2.

DJ: Is he going to graduate?

Yuno: He will, but he may come back for another year so that he could get a diploma. Same with Candace.

DJ: I see. How about the rest.

Yuno: Everyone is doing fine. Habit and Zac are in AP classes. Zac is in half of them while Habit is in all of them. Asuna and Role are in all dash 1. Asuna formerly was in an AP class, which is science. But because she was below 75%, she can no longer take AP. However, she was recommended to take Biology. Zac also was in all AP classes, but he didn't do well on half of them. He still passed, but he isn't taking half of his AP classes.

DJ: That's great!

Yuno: Oh, and did you remember Paya saying that Role is "failing" math in one of their discussions?

DJ: Yes, why?

Yuno: Technically, Role isn't failing math. But, he is on the verge on not taking 30-1. Instead, he has to take 30-2.

DJ: Is that bad?

Yuno: No, not at all. I think taking a dash 2 class is fun. My friend, Yukka, enjoys being in dash 2 because everyone is fun there, especially the teachers. I, for myself, am taking 30-2 math next year.

DJ: Cool! :D

Yuno: So DJ, do well in all your classes. I have faith in you!

DJ: Thank you!

Yuno: And remember...


  • Pay attention in class, or you will not know what is going on.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions. It is definitely worth the shot.
  • Hand in all your assignments. Teachers are very hungry for your work.
  • Be on time for class. Skipping is bad, and you should feel bad.
  • Do your very BEST, or you will suck it up.

Yuno: Keep up the work, and promise to me that you will pass all your classes. If you do, I will treat you something.

DJ: Deal.





Chapter 9: Making the right decision

DJ: Yuno, so making choices will affect how I will do in school?

Yuno: Indeed, always make sure you choose a wise choice. It doesn't matter if its right or wrong. You would learn from them either way. But always be wise when determining your choice, you may not know what would happen next until you find it out for yourself.

DJ: So if I make the wrong choice, will something bad happen.

Yuno: Well, sometimes. Even if you make the wrong choice, it isn't always severe. But it will help you from also making a lot of wrong choices. Not to mention the biggest effect when you make a choice is the people you are with.

DJ: Eh? What do you mean?

Yuno: Say that if you hang around a guy who is always on bad behavior, and he is your friend and you love to hang around with, it will affect those around the two of you.

DJ: You can't be talking about Role, are you?

Yuno: No way. Role is somewhat a rebel, but he is a nerdy rebel, which is cute actually.

DJ: Hehe.

Yuno: Anyways. Make sure the choices you make will lead you to a good path. No matter how big and small it is. So...


  • Be wise when making choices. If you want to go to that path, make sure your choices can get you there, or close to being there.
  • Don't be an idiot or being a butthole. Cause that is very bad and you should feel bad.
  • The people you are around with is a choice. You can hang out with anyone, but be wise. They may be criminals. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN. Kidding, but seriously, WATCH OUT.
  • Making decisions are hard. Sometimes look through the advantages and disadvantages between them. I had too many of this, i'm sorry.

Yuno: Not only it will change how you live with the school, but how you live your life.

DJ: Wow, you are sure smart! :D

Yuno: Heh. *blushes*






Chapter 10 (FINAL): What will be change will be changed

Yuno: So DJ, after all this discussing, I will give you a pop quiz.

DJ: Yay! Pop quizzes!

Yuno: Yes indeed. Anyways, question one: True or false? A family member are very helpful at rough school times?

DJ: True.

Yuno: Correct. Question two: Why did Kiro have to deal with compensated dating?

DJ: So that she could get money.

Yuno: Yes. Question three: Is it ever too late to make friends?

DJ: No.

Yuno: Nice. Question four: Should you be doing well in school?

DJ: Yes.

Yuno: Great. Last question: Do you think you will do great in school?

DJ: Yes?

Yuno: Perfect!

DJ: Heh, too easy.

Yuno: Yeah, I am not the best in quizzes. But it was worth it. So DJ, now that you know all the basics, you should do well in school, but also in life. And I hope you don't get bullied cause I will always be there for you.

DJ: *holds hand* And I will be there for you too.

*Yuno starts blushing. She was about to kiss Duncan's cheek until five of their friends came*


Yuno: Wait! Role! Its not what you th-

Role: Getting laid behind my back, huh?

DJ: No no! I held her hand because it makes her happy.

Gokune: Man Role, you are such a dirty pervert.

Role: Hey! At least I am not perverted as you. Going through Asuna's me-

Asuna: Can we not talk about how beautiful my chest is and talk about how DJ's first has been?

Habit: I agree, maybe we should keep our dirty minds OFF at this moment.

Zac: Anyways, how is grade 10 so far, DJ?

DJ: Great! Yuno taught me how to do well in high school.

Role: Of course its Yuno. She definitely has a crush on my bff.

Yuno: No wait! We are just best friends. I love him as a best friend.

Role: Mhmm.

Yuno: Role! D:

Role: Yeah man, DJ has a girlfriend who is sexy AF!

Asuna: Role, stop.

Role: Fine, i'll stop. Also, you better not get hurt, or i'll have to beat those bullies up.

Yuno: *blushes*

Habit: Wow, okay. So, DJ, what did Yuno taught you?

DJ: A lot of stuff, especially how to do well in classes.

Habit: That's good.

DJ: I good to go?

Zac: Not really.

DJ: What? But Yuno taught me a lot.

Yuno: Well, DJ...actually. We had something that we need to tell you.

DJ: Huh?

Gokune: More tips! :D

DJ: Wha?

Even more tips

  • Gokune: Observe both of your friend's good and bad side. It could help you communicate better.
  • Asuna: Make sure you put at least a smile every day in school. It is worth it.
  • Zac: Make sure you are satisfied with your decisions. Make some adjustments before you proceed.
  • Habit: Be smart about your actions. And don't act like you know everything. Trust us.
  • Role: Also be very strong. You got muscles and strength. Learn how to use it.
  • Yuno: And most of all, be YOURSELF. Because you are you. Never be fake. Always be genuine because you are you! :)

DJ: Thank you so much guys, I love you all.

Asuna: Aw, its cute how he says "I love you".

Yuno: Yep, that's our DJ.

DJ: Hehe.

*DJ kisses Yuno on the cheek*

DJ: That is the sign of being best friends forever.

Yuno: D-DJ. *blushes*

Zac: I can't believe that happened.

Gokune: Its confirmed guys...

Role: DJ is getting LAID!

Habit: No he is not idiot.

DJ: Guys! Its not a big deal, hehe...

~ The End ~

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