September 9, 2013


I. Purpose of Site Council at HMS
  • Handouts from KSDE

II. Designation of Chair Person

III. PTO Report

  • Mrs. Albin

IV. Principal Report

  • New Website
  • Swather Pride Program
  • After School Program
  • Class Schedule
  • Communication

V. Topics of Interest

  • a la carte Menu

New Website

Swather Pride Program

  • No grade below a B in any class as of last school day of month

  • No unexcused absences for the month

  • No discipline referrals for the month

  • No ASP assignments for the month

  • No Tardies for the month


  • Extended recess time

  • Early lunch

  • Weekly drawings

  • Swather bucks

  • Friday Donuts


  • Reports run by office and Swather Pride list posted first day of each month

  • Students have opportunity to be on Swather Pride each month

  • Recognition (t-shirt) for students on Swather Pride each month for the year

  • Ask PTO and other organizations to help fund our benefits of Swather Pride


  • Promote the ideals and values of Hesston Middle School (Pillar System)

  • To provide positive reinforcement when students meet high expectations

After School Program

Average Participants for the School Year: 7 Students Per Day