The Roman Society

By: Nelly Rocha and, Nancy Ramirez

The Roman Citizenship

The Roman people like warriors were able to vote. People from Rome were also able to do contracts and have their lands. This only belonged to the people who were born in Rome and must be free. People who were captured "slaves" were mistreated and didnt have any rights to do anything. If slaves had a child the child will be treated like a Roman.
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In Rome a statue called Lady Justice is standing there holding in her hands a scale that is balenced, she is also blind. Romans were very strict whith being justice and fair. The Romans built a wall so the barbarians didnt pass , but they would just climb it without a promblem and passed through it and came in and out.


If someone stoled at a store or at a house and got caught warriors would chop up the persons hand that he stoled with. From there on they would not be treated the same as before and will not have as much rights. They would also hang up to kill them if they were slaves.
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